Why Some Energy Healing Treatments are Effective and Others are Not – Part Two

What Makes Energy Healing Really Work?


Energy Healing is both a science and an art. What makes me passionate about Energy Healing is that it can be utilized in combination with all realms of existence: the spiritual, emotional, psychological and medical health worlds.


Three Primary Factors Make Energy Healing Effective


  1. BEING GROUNDED: Attuning to the earth’s magnetic field

When a healer is grounded, their hands vibrate with the same 7.8 hertz frequency of the earth’s magnetic field, the same pulsation as the cells in the body. When a grounded healer places her or his hands on the client’s tissue, a harmonic balancing effect transpires. The tissue becomes more organized, healthy, and healing happens.


  1. HEALTHY ATTACHMENT: Intimate, safe and compassionate bonding between therapist and client

When an Energy Healing therapist attunes to the client with open-hearted compassion, an attachment—similar to a healthy mother/child relationship—ensues. Eye contact and moment-to-moment tracking of emotion and body sensation activates the emotional/psychological relationship attachment system (a natural bonding process) that occurs to bring about positive self-esteem and holistic health benefits for the client.


  1. RESONATING SPIRITUAL QUALITIES: Attuning with universal spiritual qualities: The Missing Link

This ingredient is often missed in the field of Western Medicine and is the primary key to healing. Universal spiritual qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, integrity and love, are not just characteristics. They are powers that possess healing frequencies. These vibrations resonate in our mind, heart, hands and energy field. We can apply all the hands-on-healing techniques we want, but if our mind is filled with anxiety, our body full of toxic food or drugs, and our heart is filled with resentment, that timbre will be transmitted to the client’s energy field and tissue.

Therefore, our first responsibility as a healer is our own healing. If you want to master tennis, you find a better player. To learn energy healing, seek a teacher who has not just technical skills, but the spiritual qualities you wish to develop in yourself.

Watch for part three, What Makes Energy Healing Work, in next week’s Aura.

Laura Fine By Laura L. Fine, M.F.T. degree, M.A.

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