Why Some Energy Healing Treatments are Effective and Others are Not – Part One

My first professional Energy Healing session was a Polarity Therapy treatment with Ken. I was shocked to feel strange electrical sensations coursing through my body. I had no context for these intense vibrations of spiritual ecstasy. I could only think, “This is what they mean by the holy spirit!”


My heart opened, my crown chakra opened, I entered a euphoric state that I later came to learn was a kundalini awakening. I was so expanded I could see auras everywhere. I fell in love with everyone and everything! After the session, I drove home through a typical Miami, Florida, tropical summer rainstorm. Still mentally floating, I didn’t realize how ungrounded I was. While navigating the blinding deluge, I had a car accident. The accident grounded me. The auric sight went away. Shortly following the magnificent high, I entered a deep depression. Something wonderful happened that I didn’t know how to recapture.


After that healing, I was certain of one thing. I had to learn the magical stuff that had such an impact on me. It was the early ‘80s. Back then terms like Energy Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Reiki, etc., didn’t exist. So off I went to Polarity Therapy training.


After becoming certified in Polarity Therapy, my passion for the unseen world increased. I needed a license to touch so I enrolled in massage school. I then proceeded to study whatever was in vogue at the time in the world of body/mind/energy healing: tai chi, Feldenkrais, acupressure, Trager, pressure point therapy, whatever I could get my hands on.


Having relocated to NYC to pursue my dual career in the creative and healing arts, I worked as both an Energy Healer and a free lance professional theater director and acting teacher. I entered my first year of a four-year training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing learning the secret power of the chakra system. I passionately incorporated chakra opening exercises with my acting students. All kinds of miraculous healings spontaneously occurred in the classroom! What was going on? I wanted to have my own experience of what was happening for my students, so I started individual healing sessions with a professional Energy Healer.


My second professional Energy Healing treatment was with Levent. As a teacher of movement for actors and a former dancer, I prided myself in my body awareness. I’ll never forget my shock after my session, feeling as though I had lead boots on my feet. So this is what they mean by being grounded! I felt present, open, strong and vitally alive. The feeling of being grounded was the complete antithesis of my first kundalini experience. What’s more, it had medical benefits: my digestion improved and my allergies abated.


That was three decades ago. After teaching at numerous Energy Healing schools, I founded Lionheart Institute. For the past sixteen years at Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, I’ve seen hundreds of students arrive at our doorstep having had previous training in Energy Healing that wasn’t producing the kind of results they wanted.


Watch for part two, What Makes Energy Healing Work, in next week’s Aura.

Laura FineBy Laura L. Fine, M.F.T. degree, M.A.

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