Why can’t I get well?

I had a client show me his foot fungus and proudly announce…”You can’t believe how many doctors I’ve been to and no one can help me with this!”

I looked him square in the eyes and asked, “Was one of them a nutritionist?”

“No,” he sheepishly replied.

Then he admitted, “I know I eat too much sugar, do you think that has something to do with it?”

I’ll give you another example (this one hypothetical based on real life occurrences). A client couldn’t get over her chronic fatigue. When we talked about what brought on this latest episode, and the episode before that, and the one before that, a pattern began to emerge. Every time she had to do a presentation at work, she got sick about two weeks before the performance date. She actually liked doing the presentations so she couldn’t understand why she’d get sick.

As we dug deeper into her history we discovered that as a kid, she loved to dance. Whenever there was a recital scheduled, she’d have to depend on her alcoholic father to drive her to rehearsals. He was completely undependable and at times, dangerous. Her cellular remembrance of the fun and excitement of performing was married with the neurological pathways of apprehension and danger that would trigger like clockwork, two weeks before a positive event. Her body adapted to cope with that distress by shutting down with a flare up of chronic fatigue.

Our body/mind is simply brilliant! If we could adopt an attitude of curiosity about our symptoms, they are clues to a treasure hunt of invaluable information!

When this pattern emerged during our session together, her body went into spontaneous spasmodic releases. She was having a full blown trauma release and enjoying every moment of it! At first she was startled by what her body was doing but as she surrendered to the wave like movements coursing through her system, she felt a rush of pleasure throughout her entire body.

In Chinese medicine, intense emotions gravitate toward certain organs. Grief is often associated with lung problems. Unexpressed anger gets stored in the liver. The heart harbors relationship hurts. The stomach holds undigested emotions. Fear often lodges in our kidneys.

Many clients come to me because they know their physical symptoms are not only physical and they know they’re not mentally ill. When you have a problem with your vision, your internist will refer you to an eye doctor, when you have problem with depression, your doctor may suggest drugs. FEW doctors know how to refer out to Energy Healing Therapists.

Laura FineLaura L Fine, Lionheart Founder

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