When to walk away…

I was sharing a personal analogy, for a client who was struggling with when to walk away from her abusive relationship.

Here’s the story…Years ago, I bought a car from a friend who was also my boss. He told me the blue book price of the car was $11,000.  I trusted my friend. I never checked the blue book price myself. I did not do my due diligence.

I was new in town. I had just moved there to work for him. I was excited by the job and on top of that, we had sexual chemistry. Wow! All those factors combined led to lots of complications. We worked well together for quite a few years…until he had sexual chemistry with someone else.

We untangled our relationship slowly. I quit working for him, he moved out of state. More years went by. One day I decided to sell the car. I discovered the blue book price he told me the car was worth when I bought it from him, was half of what he charged me. I had been paying him off on a payment plan for years, more than twice the value of the car. I wrote him a letter and included copies of the blue book price, receipts for the purchase of the car and each over payment I had made. I asked him to reimburse me the $5000 overpayment. I didn’t hear back. I followed up with a phone call. He said he’d research it and get back to me. He never did.

I took responsibility for my lack of due diligence. I made the request to him for what I wanted. He didn’t respond. My only recourse was small claims court and I didn’t want to pour any more energy into contact with him.

The results were no longer in my hands. I let go.  I decided to walk away. We each reap the karmic results of our choices.

How to know when to walk away? When you’ve done everything you can to take responsibility for your actions. When you’ve done all you can toward your desired outcome without harming yourself or others.

When to walk away? When you can walk away clean.

Laura Fine, LMFT

Laura Fine, LMFT

by Lionheart Founder, Laura L. Fine






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