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At Lionheart we work with sensitive people who are overwhelmed by how deeply they feel. We help you turn your sensitivities into intuitive abilities so you can earn a living using your gifts.

Lionheart Curriculum Overview

Course Title  Course Description
The Exceptional Therapist: Transpersonal Energy Healing
This multi-media e-book is the equivalent of The Doorway to Transformation class and is worth 6 CE credits.
A Multi-Media Guidebook
The Awakening: Level 1
How to use Emotional Energy as Healing Energy
4-day intensive Certification
The Transformation: Level 2
Level 2, Part A
Free Yourself from Family Conditioning with Dr. Anodea Judith
Level 2, Part B
Healing the Body/Mind Characteristics of Developmental Trauma
Year-long Certification program.

Outside of the L.A. area?

Lionheart classes are held in Los Angeles and are designed for both local and long distance students. If you are traveling from a distance, start here.

The Exceptional Therapist: Transpersonal Energy Healing.


Attend this virtual course, a multi-media guidebook for therapists, coaches, healers and mind/body professionals, anywhere and any time

This E Course book, offers a cutting edge Mind/Body approach to therapy. Therapists are given concrete explanations and skills you can immediately apply to your practice. You’ll your help clients feel more whole and integrated. Using Energy Healing awareness, you’ll facilitate your client’s ability to get to the core of the issue safely and efficiently guiding them into an inspirational connection of body, mind and spirit.

This Multi-Media Ebook and Video Course is for Therapists, Coaches, Healers and Mind/Body professionals. It provides exercises, case studies and live lecture clips, to help you transform your perspectives to become exceptional practitioners.

We offer two levels of Professional Certification in Energy Healing:

The Awakening: Level 1
How to use Emotional Energy as Healing Energy
33.5 CEs/ Energy Work/ LIVE


You are seeking a program where you KNOW you want to have a profound personal awakening. OR, you want to heal from your history as it’s in the way of achieving your personal dreams and career goals. OR you KNOW you want to be of service to others, you resonate with the power of touch and are attracted to a career as a professional Energy Healer.

Apply for The Awakening, our 4-day Level 1 Certification intensive.  Participants receive a Body Mind Balance Certificate and are qualified to begin a practice as a Level 1 an Energy Healer.

Here’s what happens:

In The AWAKENING program you’ll learn to open your Chakra Energy System in order to have healthy vitality, grounded physical presence and personal well-being.

Did you know that your physical health problems and financial instability are related to your ability to be grounded? 

The AWAKENING program is right for you if you are:

  • Ready to embark upon or further of your own healing journey
  • Considering a career in the field of holistic health and healing
  • Passionate about wanting to share the power of healing touch both physically and emotionally
  • Feel a calling to be of service in a way that uplifts people and transforms lives
  • Done with the victim/blame cycle and ready to make giant strides in self-empowerment and self-responsibility
  • Intuitively know you can transform your body, your health and your life, you just need the means to do it

You attend one LIVE 4-day intensive training plus one three-hour follow-up Integration and Graduation session that can be attended either LIVE or via Tele-conference. Click HERE to learn more and register. Our next Level 1 Certification begins  April 6 – April 9, 2017.

The Transformation: Level 2
Healing the Body/Mind Characteristics
of Developmental Trauma
133.5 CEs / Energy Work / LIVE

Level 2, Part A $3995

Level 2, Part B $4995

Upon completion, participants receive the Energy Healing Counselor Certificate. 219 CE Credits.

Here’s what happens:

  • Gain more than a dozen exciting hands-on Transpersonal Energy Healing techniques to incorporate in a professional practice that help clients clear trauma, facilitate healing from surgeries, bring about a state of harmony and health that changes people’s lives for the better
  • Learn how to listen deeply to the wholeness of the individual focusing on understanding verses fixing
  • Identify and evaluate Energy Cysts and how to clear or transmute this blocked energy for medical, emotional and spiritual health benefits
  • Realize a system that has the ability to change the energy of negative experiences from your life history, (that show up as discouraging self-limiting, negative thinking patterns, resentments, fear, etc.), how to change the energy to positive vitality and how to help your clients do the same
  • Discern the 5 Reichian Character structures of childhood development and how they express both your gift and defenses in adult relationships so you can make more joyful choices in daily life
  • Discover how to free yourself from patterns that cycle you back into limitations such as depression, insecurity, or lack of confidence – instead you’ll experience an AWAKENING of your true essential joyful nature
  • Have the knowledge of legal and ethical requirements to begin your professional practice
  • Get bonus trainings in marketing, branding and business building from Lionheart affiliate professionals

And so much more!

Upon completion, participants receive the Energy Healing Counselor Certificate. 219 CE Credits.
(133.5 of the 219 CE Credits approved for Massage Therapist through NCBTMB.)

The Energy Healing Counselor Certification takes approximately one year to complete. The training includes eight weekends; five three-day weekends, two four-day weekends, one two-day weekend, plus seven Integration sessions. Four of the Integration sessions are LIVE, 3-hour classes held in our Studio City office and three of the Integration sessions are 90-minute phone Teleconference calls. Those who live out of state may opt to join Integration and Professional Practice sessions via Teleconference.

If you have questions, simply contact us today at 818-640-6444 or email us at: Click HERE to learn more and register for our Level 2 course. Help start the next step in your journey towards fulfilling your life purpose.