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Congratulations on finding your way to our site. It’s a reflection of the inner fire that drives you. Perhaps you’re longing for a change in your personal or professional life. Perhaps you’re seeking for deeper meaning. I can promise you that attending Lionheart classes will help you gain clarity of purpose, whatever direction you choose to walk. Typically, there are three primary reasons that bring people to Lionheart:

  • You are longing for personal growth, spiritual consciousness, authentic transformation and you know it has something to do with, intuition, psychic abilities and Energy Healing
  • You having a longing to help others, you’re working in a field that doesn’t satisfy you and are seeking a new career
  • You’re already a professional in a holistic health or body/mind related therapy and want to earn CEU’s in an area that’s new and exciting for you.

You may be yearning for an environment that is supportive so can have the space to discover how to change negative thinking that has been holding you back from stepping into your life’s purpose. Lionheart provides a positive community to develop your professional gifts, personal character, and indeed your own holistic health.

Welcome home, you’re in the right place.

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Our mission is to teach people how to be professional Energy Healing Counselors, so they can heal themselves, heal others and build a real career. We offer two levels of professional certification and continuing education training. All of our courses are approved as ceu providers in the state of California for Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Nurses, Massage Therapists have national approval and some of our courses are approved for Acupuncturists.

If you would like to try us out with an introductory 2 hour seminar The Essential Keys to Energy Healing, the next one is: December 5 in Studio City, California.

If you’re ready to attend the one-day workshop, Doorway to Transformation: Transpersonal Energy Healing (required for Level 1 Certification), the next class is, December 6.

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Once a month, usually the first Saturday morning of the month, from 10 am to noon in Studio City, California, The Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, offers an Introductory class called The Essential Keys to Energy Healing. It’s $97 at the door but if you sign up in advance then please be my guest for free. Simply register in the field on this page. I am excited to meet a fellow sojourner and introduce you to a community of like minded seekers!

Full scholarship spaces available if you register in advance. $97. at the door.

Please sign me up for the next Essential Keys to Energy Healing LIVE 2 hour seminar in Studio City, California.
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To support your choice for higher education in the field of holistic health and healing I’d like to get you started right away by inviting you to get connected to our community with our weekly enewsletter, The Aura and offer you a GIFT.

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Lionheart offers two Levels of Personal Transformation and Professional Certification:

The Awakening: Level 1 Certification is a four-day intensive training with one three-hour graduation/integration follow up seminar one month later.

No pre-requisites are required to enter the Level 1 Certificate program, however, you must apply and be accepted. The one-day Introductory workshop, Doorway to Transformation: An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing is recommended before taking Level 1 and the course is required if you wish to earn a Level 1 Certificate.

The next, The Awakening: Level 1 Certification is: April 7-10, 2016.

Click here to APPLY or to READ MORE about Level 1 click here.

The Transformation: Level 2 Certification is five, four-day intensives with five three-hour follow up seminars that happen over the course of one year. You must apply and be accepted into the Level 2 training. Level 1 (or permission from the Director) is required to apply for Level 2. To READ MORE about Level 2 click here.

The training is designed to make it possible for participants fly in from all over the country to achieve both certification trainings. There is on-site housing at our classroom located at a beautiful 10 acre retreat center with easy access to airports and freeways in the Los Angeles area.

The Transformation: Level 2 is offered ONCE per year. The next Level 2 begins: May 19, 2016.