Transcend without drugs

My quest began at the age of 22–a naive 22. I was hungry for answers to all the big questions. Why was I here, what is my soul’s journey, my life purpose? Having just graduated college, I hoisted a backpack and traveled to Europe, then Israel seeking the answers via the wonders of the world. I wanted to know where I fit, who was my tribe, where was my soulmate and how was I going to be happy.


Among many lessons, my travels taught me two important ones; that bravery and strength is relative to knowing myself and my limits, and all people have the same striving – to be happy. But, how to do it?

I shifted my search from the outer to the inner worlds. Perhaps the answers lived in the unseen realms of psychic phenomena, mysticism, healing and spiritualism. I had my first Energy Therapy session in the early 80’s. It was life altering to experience the electrical currents of “chi” running through me, to feel my heart and mind open, and to enter a transcendental state of unconditional expansive love. I never dreamed such an actuality was possible and all without drugs! I knew I had to learn this stuff.


For the next twenty years I studied, trained and sought experts in the field whose capabilities I admired. I was a workshop junkie and regularly “healer hopping.” I would stick with someone for several years until I realized how they were flawed, just like me. I was seeking perfection and yet to find it.


My prayers of desperation were finally heard. I had the great grace to meet a God realized Being. I traveled to India to learn more. I began to deeply understand what true healing is and what it isn’t, what it does and does not do. The subsequent next two decades were spent humbly absorbing true spiritual wisdom. I began to recognize the difference between the part of healing that’s in our Higher Power’s hands and what a healer can facilitate. I learned about universal spiritual principles and values, their vibrational frequencies and their basis for healing, in the Sanskrit scriptures of India.


Effective personal transformation is frequently incomplete through the modalities of talk therapy or hands-on body work alone. The missing link is using Transpersonal Energy Healing to release emotional blocks.


I want to give you the FIRST LESSON FREE of our 8 lesson course, “Release Emotional Energy Blocks and Heal.” Lesson 1: What is an Emotional Energy Block and How it Affects your Health.


There are reasons we can’t “talk” away Emotional Energy Blocks with positive thinking. There is a way to unwind ingrained emotional patterns that cause you pain.


This course regularly sells for $197. If you find the first lesson of benefit, all 8 lessons are available to you for a suggested donation of $25 or pay what you will at Daily Om.


You’ll come to understand why and how the thought patterns of what you know you “should or should not do, but do anyway” occur and how this continues to cause you pain and limitation in your life.

You’ll discover a new language and perspective through which to view illness and wellness, with non-judgement, curiosity and wonder. These attributes alone not only facilitate healing but if you are a practitioner, will contribute new perceptions to the creation of a healing relationship between you and your clients.


Laura L. Fine

Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing



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