Time To Heal – YOU have a GIFT!

Have people told you, you have a ‘gift’ of touch. Have they said you’re too sensitive, or ask you, “How did you know that? “Have you been in denial about your heightened sense perception and never done anything about it? Many people who have pass through the Lionheart doors, express these concerns. You may already be doing laying on of hands are (secretly) yearning for concrete training to prove to yourself what you were doing is real.

We’ve had numerous students in high profile six-figure jobs come to Lionheart feeling unfulfilled, searching for a different avenue that could lead them toward their souls desire – living with purpose and being in a career of meaningful service.

Passion will always move you in the direction of your authentic self.

Are you ready to get started? If so – read on…

This Sunday March 15, Lionheart has a one-day introductory intensive. It’s only offered 4 times a year, Doorway to Transformation: Transpersonal Energy Healing. Click here to register now or here to READ MORE.

After the one-day training you’ll know if it’s right for you to continue on into the four day training, Level 1:The Awakening, where you where you earn The Body Mind Balance Certificate. The next Level 1 is April 16 – 19. Click here to APPLY, or here to READ MORE.

This is followed by a one-year training – Level 2, The Transformation where you earn the Energy Healing Counselor Certification, (five, 4-day weekends and five Integration sessions) meeting every two months over the course of a year.

Our program is designed for those who live anywhere in the country to be able to commute to Los Angeles and earn their certification as an Energy Healing Counselor.

Lionheart is approved by the state of California as a continuing education provider. Our philosophy in training Transpersonal Energy Healing Counselors is grounded in pragmatic holistic health modalities, energy psychology and universal spiritual humanistic principles.

We take 30 people ONLY in each class. Our classes are at a lovely retreat center where there are overnight accommodations.

The next workshop is this Sunday March 15 from 9 am to 6 pm. We take 30 ONLY. If you are ready, GET STARTED NOW.

The very meaning of the word ‘gift’ is something that’s given to
someone else. If you feel ready to blossom your gift so you can give it to others, we’re ready to help you cultivate it.

Click here to REGISTER NOW.

With love and gratitude,