The secret to a waiting list in your practice

Will you pay the price to help yourself help others?

When Anthony Robbins asked the famous billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt about success, he said it was simple, “First, you decide what you want specifically; and second, you decide if you’re willing to pay the price to make it happen, and then pay that price.”

That applies to you and your healing practice as well as it applies to a billionaire oil tycoon.

I wonder if you could notice some important features of his answer. First, Bunker Hunt says “decide what you want specifically . ” It’s nigh on to impossible to get what you want unless you know what it is.

So what do you want in your healing practice? Think specifically. Feel in your body what it feels like. Picture in your mind what it looks like, specifically. And even imagine what people say after a session with you.

If that’s easy to do for you, then you probably already have some success as a healer. Being able to imagine exactly what you want is a skill that is rewarded… usually with exactly what you imagined.


But finally, you must be willing to pay the price for what you want. And it’s simple, but paying the price might not be what you think it is.


L et’s examine what happens when you try to serve everyone.


Usually nothing.


But why does nothing happen when you hold open the door for everyone? Why, when I’m trying to be the most expansive and open do I come up with a big blank when attracting clients?

It’s odd, isn’t it? It goes back to the article I wrote last week. The more you try to be inclusive, the less attractive you look to the people who really need you; the less believable you are.


It’s because your clients are smart. They know it takes time and energy to master a skill. So it’s just not very believable (no matter how good your grades were) to be an expert in EVERYTHING the minute you step out of the School of Transpersonal Energy Healing. But it is believable—and very real—to be passionate about helping larger women who have problems with their knees, especially if you watched your grandmother or aunt lose her mobility and end up wheelchair bound when she could have been helped. If that happened, then you are going to be into helping with knee pain than someone who doesn’t know from knees.


I have a friend who did this very thing. She graduated from massage school with multiple modalities in acupressure, Swedish massage, and reflexology. She never mentioned a thing about that. Instead she had a lot of friends who were constantly getting injured jogging or competing professionally as athletes. She made known that she was willing to help athletes get back on their feet after injuries. She didn’t have a waiting list when she graduated from school, but she paid the price of saying no to people who were not her ideal client so she could get better at what she did—help athletes recover from injury. The price she paid up front eventually rewarded her with a three week waiting list and business from some of the worlds most famous IronMan competitors.


So, what specifically do you want? Do you want a full, waiting-list practice? Do you want a part time Energy Healing practice that pays the bills and lets you spend more time with your kids? Do you want to own a clinic? Decide specifically what you want, and then decide if you are willing to pay the price.


If you are unwilling to pay the price, modify what you want in your practice until you are willing to pay the price.

Here’s another secret:  You’ve actually been doing something your whole life that is key to your healing business… yes, even before you knew you were going to be an energy healer. THAT thing is the key to choosing an audience you are willing to pay the price for.


If you still can’t decide to pay the price then there may be some inner blocks that need to be cleared. If you’d rather sit on the couch watching reruns of the Brady Bunch, that’s actually o.k. Sometimes you have to do that before you are ready. But if you are ready to commit, then do what’s needed.


One of my superpowers is to be able to see inside your personal purpose like an x-ray machine, and direct you toward a focused business for which YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE.


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