The Pain of Ignorance

This is a true story about how I freed myself from family conditioning.

When I was 31, I was awarded a professional theatre directing internship at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. I was thrilled to be paid to direct the Intern company in a series of plays throughout the course of the season.

Feeling rather full of myself, I paraded around the theatre complex giving lists of instructions and items I needed to the prop master, designer, set designer etc., to begin rehearsals.

Very quickly the “word” was out about this egotistical new directing intern. I was severely reprimanded by my supervisor, went home and wept like a baby. What did I do wrong?
I was just trying to do my job!

I had some deep soul searching to do. Uggg.

There were so many hard parts to this. How my behavior impacted others, recognizing the deep insecurity I had to face about not knowing how to change myself, how to regain confidence in order to execute my job as Directing Intern, and how to endure the humiliation I would feel when walking back into the theatre to face my colleagues who called me on my arrogance.

I suffered a great deal of the pain of ignorance, because I recognized I was using arroygance as a defense to cover up deep insecurity. But I did NOT KNOW how to change. This painful ignorance continued for years. It cost me good relationships, professional opportunities and financial loss
UNTIL I learned to free myself from family conditioning.

Once I understood the origins of my defense, the painful pendulum swing of pride to insecurity and how to heal it, I was no longer victim to this pattern.

I was shocked to discover how its roots lived in my family conditioning. What’s more, my authentic self finally emerged and financial and professional success became a side benefit.

Next week, I’m going to share with you what will happen for 30 people who will immerse themselves in an intensive that will teach how to free yourself from family conditioning at Lionheart, with world renowned teacher, Dr. Anodea Judith.

With love,
Laura Fine
Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing