The Irony of Detachment


I’m in a state of expansion, new professional opportunities, more public exposure and more being s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out of my comfort zone! At my age, I was sure I would quietly slip toward retirement but it seems my destiny has a different idea.


Being an energy healer, my physiology is quite sensitized. When external demands require new public exposure, my body reacts with a knee jerk need to cocoon under the covers to seek homeostasis.


I’ll be sharing the good news of my expanding notoriety soon but in the meantime I’d like to share what I’m experiencing in my stretching out of my comfort zone process as I suspect you might relate.


Throughout my thirties and forties I was quite goal oriented in my career. I wanted to teach and to help people’s lives changes but had no concept of how making money factored into that process. Ironically, I believed many of my wealthy friends who claimed money isn’t important to them. Well, they had it, so how much did that factor in?


I had no grand designs to get rich. I was content with the goal of living comfortably while making a living doing what I love. In that regard, I consider myself successful, the only caveat being I’ve worked harder and longer hours than I prefer. The summation of that process brought an ironic detachment about the concept of success in the form of wealth, wouldn’t you know. I thought my feelings were similar to my wealthy friends, the only difference being, I didn’t have financial wealth.


Detachment to me is reminiscent of those times when I desperately wanted a hot date and it wasn’t until I truly focused on being gratefully content with my life and task at hand that I didn’t care about a ‘date’ anymore. When that “shift” happened, of course I met someone. It’s odd to feel neutral about outcomes and still have passionate aliveness. This is the paradox my energy system is continually stretching in to. Hmmmm, thus the backache?


At the root of demands for big expansive change, lives wisdom that recognizes the illusory temporary nature of the ebb and flow of material gains and losses. Like the rise and fall of the stock market, so does business, success, fame, fortune, conflict and peace ride bumpy waves that gush to a peak and as quickly descend in the ocean of neutrality.


As I prepare for the ride on this next tidal wave at Lionheart Institute’s sudden and exciting expansion, I’m paddling hard to respectfully and quickly surrender resistance as it emerges. When I succeed, it’s less tiring. More and more I feel my life is less and less about a concept of what, where, when and how it should be. I prefer the attitude of a servant than a master and whew somehow that feels like a relief!

Laura Fine Laura L Fine, Lionheart Founder

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