Stop blocking sexual energy in relationships, Part 2

Stop blocking sexual energy in relationships, Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, I explained how sexual attraction can be affected by opening our energy blocks (chakra centers that store our relationship history) but I didn’t explain how to do that or why it works. I’m going to give you one WHY and one HOW in today’s article and a way to learn more if you want.


WHY do we get stuck looking soooo very hard to find someone with whom we feel chemistry? Only to discover, once we find chemistry, they are soooo hot and so: emotionally unavailable, boring, needy, withdrawn, too old, too young or other disappointing characteristics.


The pheromones that arouse excitation in our Sacral (sexual) chakra, originate in the brain and are stimulated by vibrational (subconscious memory) patterns familiarly associated with feelings of love and aliveness.


For example, if your father was loud, gregarious, outgoing and sometimes verbally abusive, you may grow up to find yourself attracted to a person who has similar characteristics, OR you may find yourself attracted to the exact opposite personality. A reverse attraction gives YOU the space to freely express your loud gregarious nature that you witnessed but didn’t get to safely express. You may think you are not like your father at all, you’re the quiet type, however, in comparison to the partners you’re attracted to, you are the dominant “loud” one.


HOW do we stop blocking sexual energy in relationship?


STEP 1: Recognize you don’t want to change how you’re wired! You’ll need to come to terms with the fact that the person you are seeking is a fantasy of the emotional need you missed growing up.


There is a natural resistance to opening Emotional Energy Blocks because you have to give up your idealized fantasy. You have to shift out of a feeling that’s familiar and trade it in for something unknown and unfamiliar. I often hear clients say, “I know nobody’s perfect, but is it too much to ask for a person who is like …?


STEP 2: Willingness toward Receptivity. To stop blocking sexual energy you must become willing to have a different mindset, one open and receptive to people you would typically write off.


Back again to my early thirties… I was avidly seeking a partner and complaining to my therapist that I wasn’t meeting anyone I was attracted to.


She asked me; “Who is attracted to you?”

“I said well there’s Jack, he’s 56,” and I made a scrunched up face. “And there’s George, he’s 72,” after which I gave her one of those expressions like, “How can you possibly respond with anything worthwhile to that???


She asked, “What do they like about you?”

“Well, they say they like my company.”


“What do you like about them?” I had to really think here because I just felt kind of awkward and obligated when they would call to want to spend time with me. “Jack is kind of low key and easy to be around. George, just loves me. But I’m not attracted to either of them. I mean I could never see myself kissing them.”


“Who said you have to kiss them?”

“What?” I said, shocked!


“Just because you go with them, doesn’t mean you have to kiss them.”

I had kind of thought that was the deal. They pay for dinner, they’re attracted, I’m obligated, at least to pretend I’m sexually interested because I said yes to the date.


I started saying yes to Jack and to George, and to Bill and, and…. Without feeling obligated, I began to relax and receive. And I didn’t kiss either of them. I opened my heart a bit. I started feeling fuller, more attractive. It wasn’t long after that I met someone I was attracted to.


STEP 3: It takes a guide, a teacher, or Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapist, to help us get to the core of our emotional blocks in order to bring about lasting change.

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Laura Fine
Laura Fine
Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing