Pushing clients away instead of pulling them in

Ironically, it was actually on an elevator. I had my big chance to say my elevator pitch with one of the most famous trainers in the world. She had just finished teaching us in entire day of money mastery. It just so happened we got in the elevator at the same time and we were headed up. And to make conversation, she asked me what I did.

I froze up, because I realized that even though I was certified as a master coach, it wouldn’t fly to say to Loral Langmeier that I was a healer, We’d just spent the day with hundreds of healers and small business people. Or that I was a coach… or…

In fact, nothing would come out of my mouth at all. I just hummed and hawed and eventually blurted something out about the kind of coaching I did. She gave me a nod and got off at the next floor.

So, I blew my chance. Or at least I thought I did, because when I learned what I now know, I realize that Loral Langmeier is not in my target audience. It may have been embarrassing to get tongue tied in the elevator with her, but ultimately it was just a moment. However it’s a moment that illustrated how important it is to be able to tell people the problem you solve for them. Notice I didn’t say “What you do”. Because, here’s the thing, (and this is the thing you probably don’t want to know),

nobody actually cares how you help them.

Rarely does anyone search for help thinking,  “I need an energy healer.”

No. They’re actually saying,” Why can’t I get my shoulder to stop hurting?” or, ” Why am I always thinking about divorcing my husband?” or,” Why can’t I ever seem to lose this extra 20 pounds?”

If you really get into people’s heads, their complaints are really specific. They are looking to solve a specific problem. But the problem for most healers is that it is not usually appealing to narrow the focus to shoulder pain. What if someone comes in wanting to deal with neck pain, or their relationship? Don’t fence me in.

I agree!

Being a successful energy healer relies on you finding the intersection of 3 things: 1. What you are most passionate about, 2. What you can be the best in the world at, and  3. What consistently makes you money. You must have focus in your business, but not at the expense of your passion.

Here’s the secret I want to share with you: You don’t have to limit yourself with a niche you don’t like.  You can focus your energy healing business into a brand that consistently makes you money without fencing yourself in. Focus is necessary. Doing something you don’t like is optional. That should be a relief.

Do you wish you had a way to talk about what you do that compelled people to say yes, and to seek you out?  I can actually help you do that.

I’m flying down to LA December 5th especially to help you create a business with your healing modality that makes you money as well as rewards you spiritually and emotionally.

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