Lionheart classes are held in Los Angeles and designed for both local and long distance students.

I’m coming from a distance. Where would I stay?

Lionheart holds classes at two separate locations. One classroom is located at our Studio City, California, office where we hold our Integration sessions and special electives. The other is at the lovely Poverello Retreat Center situated on 10 acres of manicured lawns. Lionheart has its own private house on the property where our certification trainings occur.

In addition to the classroom on the first floor, the Poverello house also contains a full kitchen and simple sleeping rooms on the second floor, which are available for rent for $60 per night. (Please note: The retreat has no internet access or television.)

Poverello is a 5-minute walk from fast food places, restaurants and a grocery store.

For specific travel info and other accommodations CLICK HERE.

What’s the best way to begin?

We recommend you begin with Level 1: The Awakening, Certification program. The Level 1 Certification program is a four-day intensive and is offered 3 times per year.

Here’s what’s required to earn your Level 1 Certification training:

  1. Attend the Doorway to Transformation, one-day LIVE workshop at the Poverello Retreat Center location,
     – OR take the “The Exceptional Therapist: Transpersonal Energy Healing  multi-media course in the convenience of your own home. This multi-media e-book is the equivalent of The Doorway to Transformation class requirement and is worth 6 CE credits.
  2. Attend the LIVE four-day intensive weekend scheduled Thursday through Sunday from at the Poverello Retreat Center location.
  3. Attend the three-hour Integration session scheduled one month after the four-day weekend. This Integration session can be attended either LIVE or via TELECLASS through Zoom.

Participants receive a Body Mind Balance Certificate and are qualified to begin a practice as a Level 1 Energy Healer. All Level 1 graduates are then eligible to be listed on our Lionheart website Find-A-Healer page.
You must apply and be accepted in order to participate in the Level 1 program.

What happens next?

After earning your Level 1 Certification, many graduates choose to continue and earn their Level 2: The Transformation, Energy Healing Counselor Certification.
Upon completing Level 1, you are qualified to apply to Level 2. You must apply and be accepted into the Level 2 training.
In the meantime, many Level 1 graduates begin a practice as a Level 1 practitioner offering the Body Mind Balance Energy Healing technique they learned in class. A recommended starting fee for this service ranges from, by donation, to $40 to $60 per hour depending your adeptness and any previous training or adjunct services you may already have (i.e., massage, psychotherapy, coaching, etc.).
Students find that beginning their practice not only helps them pay for their Level 2 tuition, it allows them to hone their skill and bring questions that arise as a new practitioner to their teachers during Level 2 classes.

Here’s what’s required to earn your Level 2 Certification training:

Attend eight, LIVE weekend intensives:
5, three-day intensives Healing Developmental Trauma
2, four-day intensives Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling
1, three-day intensive How to Build your Healing Business
7, Integration sessions Four are LIVE, OR, Via Teleclass – Three via Teleclass ONLY

The weekend intensives of the Energy Healing Counselor Certification are scheduled approximately once every six to eight weeks over the course of one year. This allows you ample time to re-group between classes, practice what you’ve learned and integrate the transformation into your personal and professional life.

The Integration sessions are scheduled to occur once in between each of the weekend intensives. These teleclasses are a wonderful place for students to dialogue with the teacher and each other, to share how you are applying what you’ve learned, ask questions and receive support.

Upon completion of Level 2, participants receive the Energy Healing Counselor Certificate.
219 CE Credits.
(133.5 of the 219 CE Credits are approved for Massage Therapist through NCBTMB.)

With Level 2 training, you are qualified to begin a practice as an Energy Healing Counselor. Suggested starting rates range from approximately $80 to $120 per hour. In addition, you will be listed with this credential on our Find-A-Healer page.

Through the Lionheart business training you will learn how to set up your practice, legally, ethically and financially. Lionheart graduates are eligible to purchase a professional ($1 million) liability insurance policy as an Energy Healing Counselor, through the HTPA, (Healing Touch Professional Association).

It’s possible to make your dream come true, to heal yourself, so you can facilitate healing for others and build a real career that can support you financially in doing what you love.

The choice is yours to be of service.
Your people are waiting for you!