Once upon a time…many years ago

Once upon a time…many many years ago, there was a man who lived in a rural village in India. He had heard that if he meditated with a certain technique, he could gain control over a spirit to help him with his chores. The man was a farmer and there was much to do to care for his plot of land. He worked from daybreak till dusk to fertilize the crops, turn the soil, plant the seeds. The list seemed to go on and on. The man was tired. Everything in his body hurt but he thought to himself, if I just practice this technique, I’ll be able to have a spirit help me do my work. He took his best cow for payment and sought out the village priest to learn how to achieve this psychic power that would give him command over a spirit.


The priest gave him initiation and then the priest warned the man, “If you master this power and a spirit comes to you, there is only one condition. You must keep him busy working all the time. He can never stop working.”


“Oh, that will be easy!” thought the farmer. There is endless work on the farm.” The farmer was delighted! Perhaps he could even take days off to do nothing! The man was determined. He slept very little so he could practice the secret mantra taught to him by the village priest. Now even though it cost him precious hours of sleep, many nights he slept only two or three hours before waking to work the farm during the 12 hours of daylight. He practiced the mantra religiously and after many months, he was able to call in a spirit to help him work. Immediately the spirit cooperated and began to perform the chores and tasks the farmer assigned to him. The farmer was delighted! The routine continued but after just a few days, the farmer, much to his amazement, began to run out of chores that would take enough time for him to have a good night’s sleep without the spirit waking him requesting more work.


The spirit would wake him up repeatedly in the middle of the night demanding, “Master, what’s next? You must keep me busy!”

As exhausted as the farmer was before the spirit came into his life, he was even more distraught now. Exhausted and exasperated the farmer ran back to the priest for help.


“What do I do?” Demanded the farmer? He will make me insane?!

With a calm and knowing look, the priest instructed him. “Have the spirit cut a bamboo pole 20 feet high and place it in the ground. Tell the spirit whenever he completes a task you assign him, he should climb up and down the pole until you give him another task.”


The farmer was elated and went back home to take control of the spirit.




This spirit represents the nature of our human mind. The nature of the mind is to constantly be active, busy, fickle, moody and changeable. It needs a bamboo pole – one that is programmed with right understanding and right thinking and the power of truth. If you want to learn how to tame your restless mind, check out my ebook, “Taming the Restless Mind: The Best Kept Meditation Secret on the Planet. It’s only $7.95.

Here’s what Gail, a nurse practitioner said: Your book completely resonated with me on a deep level and as a result has had a profound impact.  Your easy method of meditation allowed me to more fully grasp meditation concepts and now I am more effective and productive in my practice.  Thank you for creating this easy system and set of fail proof tools to help me settle faster, along with a road map to manage my constant intrusive mind chatter.  I have read the book several times, and am now sharing it with family and friends.  

Laura Fine

Laura Fine

Energy Healing Therapist

Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing