Just Say YES!

The truth is, I’ve been reluctant to embrace my healership. Can’t tell you why really, except that, maybe, until recently the idea was still circling way under my radar. I came to Lionheart because I had reached an impasse in my life. As I sought personal healing and direction, learning energy healing was just an added benefit for me and mine, not a career move. Little did I know…

I am now slowly and surely stepping into a role I can no longer deny is mine to assume. My experience at the Women Veterans Summit in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, March 21, confirms this yet again. The Universe keeps opening doors, sending angels to take my hand and guide me through. My task is to just say Yes. So when my friend asked if I would like to volunteer in the wellness area at the Summit, I said Yes.

Along with two other Lionheart graduates, Sasha Koziak and April O’Brien, I showed up to offer energy healing to anyone who wanted to try it, afraid no one would come. By the end of the day, we had done some thirty 15-minute healings. Many of these female veterans are completely disabled due to physical injury or PTSD and cannot work. Others live with constant pain or tortured memories. Some live on the streets. And their loved ones suffer along with them. Here are a few of their stories (names have been changed).

Cindy complained of severe sciatica in one leg. As I worked on her, I wasn’t sure anything was happening since her face remained blank and immobile throughout our session. But the moment I told her we were done, she opened her eyes and her face brightened like the sun passing from behind a cloud. Her smile was blinding. “I think that was the best session of them all,” she exclaimed. (The wellness area also offered acupuncture and massage.) She confirmed the pain was much less than when she sat down. Next to us, as Sasha worked on Cindy’s friend Anita, Anita began to cry. She told Sasha that she lives with constant pain and that this was the first time in a long time that her body did not hurt.

Over on the massage table, April worked on Lori. Lori is one of the homeless veterans. She is staying with a friend while she waits to get a real home of her own. April described how tired and depleted Lori’s system seemed, how her energy body absorbed energy the way a thirsty person drinks water. This was true for many of the women we worked on.

Together, Sasha and I worked on Susanna. We noticed she responded to our explanation of what we would be doing as if taking orders from her superiors: no emotion, stiff, combat-ready. As soon as she lay down and we put our hands on her, her left shoulder and arm began to twitch and jerk. “Sorry,” she said. “I don’t know why my body does that.” Sasha explained it was her body’s way to release trauma. A few tears rolled down Susanna’s cheeks as we worked. When she got off the massage table, she joined her who had encouraged her to try us, all business again, but something had shifted. We hope she’ll seek more of this work for herself.

I also had the pleasure of treating Linda, a woman probably in her sixties, who warned me not to make any sudden moves or noises, due to her very severe PTSD (she is one of the fully disabled). I assured her this work is very gentle. She talked throughout most of the session, and I let her. Simply listening can also be healing. I knew the energy would flow whether we chatted or stayed in silence, as long as I stayed in relationship with her. She told me about her upbringing; her family’s long history in the military; her father, who could not serve because his own disability. She did not speak of her war experiences except to tell me she was combat trained. Mostly, she commented on what she was feeling as I worked on her, the energy moving through her body, and the colors she was seeing as the energy moved. She confided that she’d always felt weird about this and didn’t know what to do or how to talk about it.

I gave Linda a flyer for our Essential Keys to Energy Healing class. I let her know that if she came she would find herself in a room full of people who had the same concerns, who saw things or felt energy and didn’t know what to make of it. I assured her it is a place where she would not feel “weird” or out of place, but in a community of people just like her in this respect. I hope she will come.

All the women we treated were so grateful to be at an event receiving support. I, along with Sasha and April, feel so humbled and honored to have served these women. We hope we were able to bring a measure of peace, light, and connection to them, all of whom volunteered to serve in the armed forces, who said Yes to that calling within them. And on Saturday they also said Yes to their healing.

If you are at a crossroads and don’t know where to turn; if something is missing in your life and you can’t quite figure out what; if you know you want to make a difference in the world but don’t know how; if you’re ready to heal yourself and others; if you are seeking answers … Lionheart courses are here for you — whenever you are ready to step through that door — just say Yes.








Isabella Errico-Dossi