How to Find an Exceptional Therapist, Healer or Coach

How do you know if you’re working with someone who is actually helping you?

How do you know how to trust someone else’s perspectives more than your own?

How do you know if what a therapist is telling you is true?


It’s challenging to find a therapist, energy healer or coach who can truly help you.

Here are some ways to CHECK if the work you are doing is bringing you real growth and progress:

  1. Does your therapist or healer have qualities you would like to further develop in yourself? For example, calm, focused, relaxed, humble, sincere?
  2. Do they listen more than talk?
  3. Do you feel genuinely cared about?
  4. Can you talk about your relationship with them? In other words, do you feel you can tell them if they do or say something you’re not comfortable with?
  5. Therapists are human. Do they acknowledge their own mistakes or imperfections if/as they come up?
  6. Do they believe in your inner wisdom or do they try to convince you of their inner wisdom?
  7. Do you feel unconditionally accepted or do you feel judged or shamed?
  8. Do they overshare or withhold feedback?
  9. Do their recommendations go against your beliefs or values?
  10. Do they behave ethically?

Therapists are trained in a particular approach and some approaches may not feel helpful for you. It’s important to use discernment.

Here are a few signs that you have found an exceptional therapist:

  1. You feel heard and understood in a way that brings you a sense of relief.
  2. You have new perspectives on situations or relationships that feel expansive.
  3. You feel motivated and clear about the possibility of new or different actions, behaviors, and/or ways of thinking that make sense and feel right.
  4. You feel better after most sessions. (There may be some sessions that feel overwhelming at times that can be slowly integrated.)
  5. Your moral stature is growing and you like who you are becoming.

 Laura L Fine, Lionheart Founder

If you’d like to discover more about how to be an Exceptional Therapist, I’ve written an ebook course called, The Exceptional Therapist: Transpersonal Energy Healing.