How to calm your chattering mind

Did you know that many consider the creative process as a way to relax, calm down and clear the mind—similar to meditation? Based on Research most of us are familiar with the power of meditation and the science behind it. However, our reasoning to practice meditation might be different—relaxation, religious practices, mindfulness, etc… I personally started practicing meditation to release stress, calm my mind and quiet the chattering in my head (or at least not engage in it). Over the years, I started many times with good intentions but got discouraged and stopped because I felt I was not doing it right—the voice was still strong in my head and the thoughts kept getting me engaged.


A few years ago, observing my students I noticed how they became fully engaged and focused while they were being creative. They were always surprised as how quickly my class would come to an end, when in reality my class was fifty five minutes in length as every other class they were taking. I also reflected back on the times I was engaged in the creative process and recognized that Art Making was my meditation. This was the time that my mind was completely silent and I became an observer of my thoughts and not a participant. A time when I was transported to a place beyond this world and did not recognize the passage of time, feeling neither hungry, thirsty or tired.


Based on my experiences, observations and research I have designed programs that help others enjoy the creative process. It is a satisfying feeling in my heart to be able to create opportunities for others to feel as I feel every time I am engaged in the art making process. If interested to giving it a try, sign up for this  free ebook that includes seven simple projects. My intent is for everyone to experience the creative process and to calm and clear their mind. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, please remember it is about the process and not the product. Enjoy and have fun!


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