How I rebuilt after a failure…

I’ve had the privilege and challenge of running the Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing for over 16 years. I came close to shutting the doors on the school, probably a half dozen times over those years. There were times when it felt so overwhelming I just wanted to quit, hide my head in the sand, curl up in a little ball and just make it all disappear. But I didn’t disappear.


We’re still here. Each time financial fears, emotional overwhelm, physical exhaustion or spiritual hopelessness showed up, it brought me to my knees. My knees are a good place to be. Literally. It helps me feel vulnerable, humble, open and receptive. This is the state required to learn and grow. And invariably, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, there would be, as a result, room for new teaching to enter my mind and heart.


My teachers took all kinds of forms and shapes. Most often, my greatest teachers were my greatest adversaries. These kinds of confrontations and conflicts required the most of my time, energy and reflection. Conflicts, challenge and injustice forced me to seek help and to re-examine my imperfections. Recognizing my weaknesses forced me to strengthen them even though I didn’t enjoy the workout. As a result, I gained clarity, confidence and financial success.


Next month, I’m partnering with Julie Migneault, a new Lionheart instructor. Together we’re going to offer a ONE-DAY FREE workshop to share with you some of the skills we each learned along the way in running our own businesses that will prove very handy when your business brings you to your knees.


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Ø  You are aspiring to have a career in a field that involves the loving healing energy of touch but are holding back because you’re afraid you won’t achieve the income level you need

Ø  You’re over the top with responsibilities, working feverishly but don’t feel like you’re getting ahead


Here’s a way to get off the hamster wheel…

This workshop is a great way to discover how that can pragmatically happen for you.

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Laura Fine

Lionheart Institute, Founder

Laura L Fine