How I helped generate over $500k through crowdfunding

Alexia Anatasio is a Lionheart friend who has been using crowdfunding to support conscious positive projects. If you have an important cause, project or health concern and feel ready to turn to your own fundraising efforts to help generate income, Alexia shares 10 super clear steps in exactly how to do that and is offering hands on training in a follow up workshop.


How I helped generate over $500k through crowdfunding


In celebration and gratitude, I would like to offer a gift of 10 steps on how I helped world changers and my past students and coaching clients generate over $500k through crowdfunding.

Step 1. Determine your intention – Is it Money? Is it market awareness and buzz? Is it proof of concept? Be very clear and let that determine your monetary goal.

Step 2. Pick a Platform – Research the platforms that are out there. Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform (that means you don’t get any money if you don’t reach your goal), Indiegogo has Flex-Funding, (meaning, you get everything you raise), so does, GoFundMe. Patreon is a platform for on-going support. Rockethub is partnering with Cable Television networks. Nobody says you need to use a third party platform, you can post on your website and have everyone go there. The most important part is that you have a deadline and a specific goal.

Step 3. Build your team – Crowdfunding is not a solo sport – it is a team effort. Who believes in you 110%?

Step 4. Filming your pitch video – Make sure you include your big why. This is essential, it is fashionable to wear your heart on your sleeve in this case.

Step 5. Decide what rewards you are giving – Try to keep it to no more than 8 options and make them creative and personal. Think of something you would appreciate receiving. Its not about stuff, it is about care.

Step 6.  Set up your page – This includes adding your video, artwork, project description and rewards to the specific page on the platform of your choice or your website.

Step 7. Organize your contacts – How are you going to reach out to your friends, family, fans, supporters?

Step 8. Create a Marketing Plan – Research top blogs that you could write a guest blog for or have an interview about your project, plan your social media marketing, set a live streaming calendar. Are you using Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Faceboook or Blab? All of the above? Try to focus on the ones that you enjoy. Think of it as a marathon that you must prepare for. For instance I did a 24 hour Dance-athon on a live streaming platform called Blab to end my last campaign and it went fabulously. I was featured on the platform, made new friends, got new fans and donations to my film project.

Step 9. Make it easy for others to help you – I used a web application called, Thunderclap to have you and others share the link on Day 1. As well as set up a custom domain name: that now goes directly to my website. So when you get press coverage you give them the custom link and when your campaign finishes you don’t need to ask them to change it out.

Step 10. Share your goal and Launch – It is all about communication and creating momentum. This adventure will get you closer to your goal no matter what happens. Clarity, connections, awareness and opportunities will happen as long as you do the work and make it fun.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about crowdfunding, I am extending a special opportunity to enroll in Dream Funding course for just $397 held at Lionheart Institute on May 28th and 29th from 2-6pm 


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Looking forward to helping you reach your dream.



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P.S. If you know anyone that could benefit by crowdfunding, please, feel free to share this.