The Healers' Creation Myth:
(A Story for Your Journey)

By Dan Buffo

Great Grandmother Walk-on
by Sally McQuaid
Dedicated to all of the students, healers, and teachers who continue to follow their longing to support Healing and Healership, especially those of you with whom I have had a chance to work. Good journey!

(Please send this story out to the people you know and love who have forgotten the dancing Spirit; feel free to share, but not sell, this story with others, and shout your name. I can be contacted through my website:, or call 831 465-9297.)


In the beginning there was only Great Grandmother, "Walk-On." She was complete within herself, yet felt within herself the impulse to dance Spirit. She looked within and without herself until she found Great Grandfather, "Lightening Bolt."

They danced in joyful union. And so our Grandfather Sun, and all of the stars were born. Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather rested, and all was good.

Another time, when the desire swelled within them, they danced again. Grandmother Earth and all of the planets were born. Again, they rested in joy.

There came a moment when Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth felt the same desire to dance Spirit that had resulted in their birth. They too danced in joyful union. And so all the grasses, plants, and trees were born. Grandmother and Grandfather also rested in joy.

When the desire swelled within them a second time, they danced again. And so all the animals that sit, swim, crawl, fly, walk and run were born.

Later, they danced Spirit a third time, and of this union were born our ancestors, the first human beings!


Our ancestors flourished under the care of Grandparents and Great Grandparents. They became many and shared the dancing Spirit of their conception with their brothers and sisters, the plants and animals and with the land of Grandmother Earth.

by Sally McQuaid

There came a time when some of the people came to Great Grandmother "Walk-On," asking her blessing to journey beyond Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth to discover what was there. Great Grandmother "Walk-On" smiled, for she understood many things. She recognized their longing as the dancing Spirit, within them. The very same longing that led her to Great Grandfather "Lightening-Bolt" and the dance of joyful union.

So she gave her blessing, and she told them the story of how they came to be. She told them the story held the wisdom they would need for their journey. Great Grandfather carved them a wondrous Spirit canoe from a brilliant lightening bolt. And with proper rituals, celebration, and promises to return with the wisdom gained on their journey, they sat in the canoe and signaled Great Grandfather "Lightening-Bolt" that they were ready to begin their journey beyond the night sky. Instantly the lightening within the canoe quickened in a great explosion of light!

The human beings in the canoe then experienced a profound and mysterious darkness all around them. They waited to see what would happen. Then they talked while they waited. Then they ate and slept - many times, while they waited. They did not know fear, as there was the same friendliness, joy and power of the dancing Spirit in the dark, as they knew within themselves, their ancestors and all living things. For a long time the Spirit canoe hurled through the black velvet womb beyond the night sky.

Then one of the human beings saw a small faint light in the distance. Over many sleeps and many meals it grew brighter and began to break up into a cloud of small lights. As they slowly approached, it expanded to fill all of space; they entered the cloud. It looked like the stars in the night sky.

They prayed to Great Grandfather "Lightening-Bolt" to guide the canoe toward one of the lights and as they drew near, it resolved into a cluster of tiny double spirals. As they approached one of the spirals, they saw that it too was composed of many tiny lights. It too expanded as they journeyed into it. And lo! Each light was as bright as Grandfather Sun. They had found the stars of the night sky. The Spirit canoe began to circle an immense swirling cloud of dust. As they watched, it condensed. And then, within the cloud a sun was born. The remaining dust collected into planets. The canoe drew near the most beautiful of these, blue, white and full of Life.

From the story of how they came to be, they understood that they had watched the dance of birth of Grandfather Sun, and Grandmother Earth. As they watched Grandfather Sun, and Grandmother Earth dance among the stars, they saw the plants born, then the animals; and finally the human beings. As they continued to watch, the history of their people played out below, until they saw themselves and their Spirit canoe disappear in a blinding lightening bolt that leapt from their village to beyond the blue sky in the blink of an eye.

As they continued to watch, the humans multiplied; their numbers brought diversity and scarcity; these brought disagreement. The people in the Spirit canoe learned of crime, rape and war as they watched the humans discover these things below. They watched as humans used these against each other, and against their little brothers and sisters, the plants and the animals. They even saw human beings rape the land of Grandmother Earth! They could not understand all of what unfolded. But they did understand, when they watched the human beings corrupt the very seed of Grandfather Sun into a terrible weapon of light more powerful than any lightening bolt! They were so stunned, that they could hardly breath! The joy of the dancing Spirit had faded from the awareness of the children of Grandmother Earth!

As they watched, the spirits of their people were flung into space with a violence as great as the deaths of their bodies. The people in the Spirit canoe were astounded and horrified! They circled Grandmother Earth, gathering in the brightest spirits as they prayed for help to Great Grandmother "Walk on." She told them that they had the wisdom to help in the story she had given them for the journey.

by Sally McQuaid

So they sat in council with those they had rescued and each told the story as they remembered it. The newcomers heard the story of how they came to be - and they remembered! They felt once again the joy of the dancing Spirit to know itself. And so they resolved to return to Grandmother Earth to restore this knowledge. They believed that the human beings would then once again come to live in joy and harmony with the dancing Spirit, with themselves and with all things.

The newcomers asked Great Grandmother to return them to Grandmother Earth so that they might tell the human beings about the dancing Spirit. She warned them they would have to travel a strange path, reentering the world as all human beings do - through birth. They would temporarily lose their understanding, as all human beings do. But she would call them together again, to hear the story of how they came to be, and they would awaken again, just as had happened in the Spirit canoe.

They were resolved to go. So she sent them to Grandmother Earth, dropping them into a wave of births, following the war fought with the corruption of the seed of Grandfather Sun, a war terrible beyond thought or telling. They became children of every culture throughout the land of Grandmother Earth. As they matured they began to awaken to dancing Spirit, to their purpose, and to each other.

Just as Great Grandmother promised, they found themselves called together in groups and heard the story of how they came to be. And just as she promised, it awakened within them a deep awareness of the dancing Spirit. So that each held him or herself up straight and tall, and each sent the joyful light of the dancing Spirit out into the world riding on the shout of their name!

(When you read this out loud to your group, leave time, at this point for each to have a chance to stand up and announce their name. Help them awaken by standing and anouncing your name, as an example.)

We, who hear this story, have come to remember what many human beings have forgotten. We are awakening to our Spiritual purpose. Let us look upon each other, upon those here who have come to awaken human beings to the joyful impulse of the dancing Spirit to know Itself!

-Copyright September 2, 2004 by Dan Buffo. All rights reserved.