Another HAPPY Ending… AND Another Beginning!

Clipp Gem #3

In the past, because I have many talents and capabilities, I often found myself pulled in various directions based on the advice of others. As a result, each of my friends who resonated with a particular individual talent they observed in me, would give me an unrelenting push in THEIR favored direction. Thus, I found myself taking on different jobs or tasks that I was capable of doing but that were not in direct line with my true purpose in life. I was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I gained a lot of achievements and accolades under my belt but I was UNFULFILLED. As I began to voice this revelation to others, I found this is a way of life for a lot of people, making life choices on what someone else told them they should do. For example… just because I could type fast, did not mean my life’s purpose was to become a Secretary. Yes, Secretarial work is a needed profession but making that my career was not part of my dream. However, knowing how to type with speed, was. I needed the skills to get my words in the computer quicker so I didn’t loose my train of thought. So again, TYPING was part of my dream.

It took me some time to figure this out and to get a clear focus of who I want to become and what journey I want to be on as well as the difference between what I am CAPABLE of doing and what I should FOCUS on doing. It boiled down to one thing that I kept doing… I was doing things based on outside influences as opposed to listening to my heart and intuition. I always thought of myself as a courageous person but I didn’t exercise the courage to listen and follow my own inner voice. I gave the power of my direction in life, over to someone else without consciously realizing it. Even though my friends had good intentions, I was still UNFULLFILLED. On top of that I had a voice that was nagging me saying, “Really? You’re diving off into THIS now?… Really? You know this is not YOUR THING, right? How long are you going to play this game? When are you going to stop thinking of what your friends will say and start following and focusing on YOUR dreams and purpose? When do YOU want to be HAPPY?”… Whoa! There was a lot of chatter going on. Ultimately, I got sick and tired of being unfulfilled and I saw the years that had passed rapidly while my dreams sat on the sideline crying to be recognized. Finally, I got the courage to take a stand and listen to my heart! That was the voice that was nagging me all along. Once I started listening to my heart and focused … doors started opening up for my life’s dreams to become a reality. What an AMAZING feeling and an amazing journey. I am reminded of a famous quote by the late Steve Jobs, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” Amen, Steve, Amen!!!