Go only as far as you can see

Go only as far as you can see… once you’re there, you’ll discover you can see further.

I heard a personal story from a teacher of mine, Swami Nikhilianand. He was telling about the first time he tried rock climbing. He was only 16. He stood at the bottom of the straight up at the vertical cliff. How on earth would he possibly climb that? It was daunting. His guide instructed him not to look up, only to notice what was directly in front of him.

As he scrutinized the territory within his field of vision, he noticed, a crevice in the rock where he could clasp his hand, a slight ledge protruding out where he could grab a foothold, another protrusion of a rock where he could hoist his other foot and a handhold where he could pull himself up. In this way, he slowly, step by step made his way to the top of this seemingly impossible climb.

This was a powerful metaphor for my own life and especially apropos of the timing of this new year. I witness colleagues, friends and students stopped dead in their tracks, fearful of moving ahead because the outcome of choices is unknown.

I know a couple who have been unhappily married for decades. They bicker constantly. They don’t much like each others company. They spend little time together. They don’t want to divorce and neither one wants to seek counsel or step out of their patterns even though they are both unhappy.

For many, there is something about the familiar, even if painful, that we’ve learned to tolerate. Because its predictable, the outcome is generally known to us, so we are used to the sensations of disappointment and have found it tolerable. The price of staying the painful known is, growth stops. Personal growth, spiritual growth, expansion into our potential, stagnates. Acceptance of apathy becomes a way of being. How unfortunate.

Change often feels daunting. That’s why it takes a tribe, a community, tremendous support and experiences of great pleasure to feel motivated to walk toward an unknown direction. You don’t have to die of Alzheimer’s. You don’t have to cut your breasts off if you have BRCA1 gene, you don’t have to feel like you live alone anymore even if you’re married and have a bunch of kids. You can do something about it, starting NOW.

That’s what so many conscious organizations and spiritual communities have to offer. That’s what Lionheart classes and events are all about. Please join us to for a new year kick off on Sunday January 4 from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Simply call Lionheart at: 818.640.6444 or simply email [email protected] with YES, I’m coming! to the New Year’s Meditation Ritual, Party and Potluck, “Letting Go of the Past, Facilitating the Future, to Live Fully in the Present.” Learn more about it, below.

Warm regards,
Laura Fine
Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing