A Story of Healing

Jackie came in to see me with a look of pain on her face and a desperate tone in her voice. She told me she had been experiencing horrific pain in her left shoulder for the last 2 weeks and needed help.

As she settled in and I asked her about the onset of her shoulder pain.  She said she had been stressed out the past couple weeks with work and feeling overwhelmed with life.

I began a hands on healing session with a general charging of Jackie’s legs and chakras. Then I started to charge her left arm. I felt an absence of energy and the arm was not taking in any of the energy. It was as though the arm was lifeless.

I was curious where the energy was blocked and felt drawn to hold her shoulder. After I held her shoulder I knew why I was there. I wanted to be closer to her face, to see her and let her see me. Human to human, connecting with compassion as I held her shoulder. Tears started to come into her eyes. I kept one hand on her shoulder and placed the other hand over her heart chakra and asked Jackie if she would share what was going on for her.

She took a while to answer, as a stronger stream of tears flowed down her face.

Jackie said earnestly, “I have never told this to anyone. Twenty years ago I was in a horrible car accident. My husband was driving and my two daughters were in the back seat and after the impact, I tried to reach over to my husband, but I was pinned in and could not reach him or my daughter who was seated behind him. Both my husband and one daughter died in the accident.”

I comforted her as best I could as I held space for her to connect to the terrible pain that she had buried within. She cried deeply as she felt the memory that her body still carried. As the torrent of tears quieted and the grief seemed to mix with a bit of relief, I went to again charge her left arm, which now was alive, and able to hold the charge. I then connected it to her torso and heart center.

Jackie discovered this traumatic event was still alive in her body. After our session, she opted to go to counseling to work on the unresolved grief her body was telling her needed attention.

It is the human experience that we all have traumatic things happen in our lives. To cope, we may suppress the sensations and feelings associated with the event(s) and thus cut off parts of ourselves. Through energy healing, we can gently connect and reclaim those “lost” parts on our journey towards wholeness.


Vrinda Stander is an Energy Healing Therapist and on the faculty at Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. She has a private energy healing practice in Tarzana.

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