Energy Gardens

Lionheart is delighted to introduce ENERGY GARDENS, now available on Lionheart’s Shop Page We also want to share a few words from their creator, Sarah Yang.


A native of California, I enjoyed a successful career in fashion design for over 20 years.  Although grateful for the experience, I found myself seeking a creative outlet that combined my love of nature and my passion for working with my hands.

My introduction to crystals and their healing properties came through close friends who shared my background in fashion and then became healing energy gurus.  After many visits to their studio and leaving energized with such positive thoughts and creative inspiration every time, I was compelled to discover where my yearnings would lead.

Having always held a great respect for the environment, I started by having all the grass in my front garden removed and re-landscaped in observance of the drought.  I fell in love with drought tolerant flora and noticed how much they stimulated my creative spirit!  I dedicated myself to learning more about crystals’ properties and continued to expand my collection, all which culminated in ENERGY GARDENS.

I carefully hand select the vessels, crystals and plants for every creation.  Each design is driven by the color, shape and energy of what I choose and each piece is accompanied by a hand-cut card that describes ENERGY GARDENS’ unique healing properties.

It is my sincere wish that you will enjoy ENERGY GARDENS as much as I enjoy making them!