Easing touching transitions

Transitions are tough. Everything in our physiology naturally goes into resistance. The key word here is, “naturally.” The brain loves to create patterns. With patterns (even, unfortunately, negative, destructive patterns), we experience comfort of the known.

Patterns are important because they help us feel stable and grounded. Unfortunately, many of us create patterns that start out as healthy and after time become unhealthy. For example, a drink after dinner starts out as a way to relax, but slowly over time, because a dependency for relaxation. Stopping at the gym every night on the way home from work slowly turns into a way to avoid your spouse when going through disagreements.

If you grew up in a home where there was a lot of unpredictability, erratic behavior, an over-controlling or alcoholic or drug addict parent, you moved a lot or had lots of siblings, you may find yourself challenged when going through changes.

Patterns of transition are imprinted in our cellular memory. These cellular imprints are often paradoxical. They can include two opposing experiences , for example, resilient survival married with stressful fear. They were born as brilliantly clever adaptations to survive childhood challenges.

When change occurs, our cells, rebel. Our cells have LOTS of needs when going through big changes. It can be super helpful to know how to dialogue with you cells. A healing dialogue between your cells and higher mind, might sound something like this…

Cells: What on earth do you think you’re doing!!!?

Higher Mind: You know we have to ________________ . (Fill in the blank with YOUR transition, ie. “Move.” “Break-up.” “Quit that job I can’t stand anymore.”  “Go to that doctor’s appointment I’ve been avoiding.” “Purchase that house that’s more than I thought I could spend.”)

Cells: No, no, we have a routine, its status quo. We’re good. Don’t do it!

Higher Mind: You know if you stay here any longer, you’ll deteriorate. You’re stuck, unproductive, wallowing in stagnation and self-destructive habits, you have to stop! It’s hurting us!

Cells: High alert! High alert! Change is coming! My physiology is so tense! How can you do this to us?!

Higher Mind: Try to get calm! Take some deep breaths. Don’t worry, we’ll find a new routine soon that will be healthier for you. Just wait and see. I promise I’ll take care of you.

Cells: How? How are you going to take care of us? You feed us junk food when we’re nervous and if you stop, I’ll have cravings. I’ve grown to LOVE my junk food and you know how irritable I get when you take it away!

Higher Mind: Look, we’ll get a massage, we’ll do some Energy Healing and talk to our therapist. We’ll go to the park, out to dinner with your best friend this weekend who really understands what you’re going through. Just keep doing deep breathing and remember this is temporary.

Cells: Okay, Okay, but just remember, this is a stretch for me. It’s a leap of faith cause my cells don’t know this one!

Higher Mind: I know, but this time we’re going to go through change differently this time. We’re going to get you a ton of support and it won’t be painful the way it’s been in the past.

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With love,

Laura Fine

Lionheart Founder,

Laura Fine