Deepening the Healing Relationship, Part 3

Deepening the Healing Relationship, Part 3
Integrating human developmental issues into the massage practice

The World of the Infant

By Deborah Allen, Scott Bader, Dan Buffo & Timothy Marshall

Once we notice that we are behaving in ways that our adult self might label “childish,” we can begin to make new choices. The baby inside needs an adult care-taker, and we must respond to the infant world from an adult place. It is the adult self that has the strength to change our diet and regulate our sleeping hours. We may need to cut down on clients for a few weeks until we begin to feel a new wave of rested energy. Receiving body work is an excellent gift to the infants inside of us, reassuring them that their needs are being heard.
The more we study the life of babies, the more respectful we become of early childhood’s effect on our later mind, body and spirit. In the Great Chain of Being, we bring everything forward with us, including the inevitable reentering of this “pre-egoic state.” Mastery is our ability to notice and care for this integral part of ourselves appropriately.
If a massage therapist can remain aware and compassionate of baby’s world in the adult body, the client’s body relaxes. The sense of connectedness with the body worker as a symbolic Mother leads clients to relax their armor, letting old belief systems liquefy and reform in new ways. Awareness of this earliest stage of human development, the world of the infant, is vital for health and well-being. It sets the tone and creates the foundation for the subsequent adult ego and the transpersonal realms; areas that we look forward to exploring with you.