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Faculty, Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, San Antonio. Transpersonal and Spiritual Counseling, as well as teacher training for the characterology series. Facilitate ongoing elective programs for women (The Bad Girls; Stillness and Longing; Jealousy, Greed and Revenge), and relationship and sexuality courses with my husband Dan Buffo. Currently, Director of Women’s Programs, Cornerstones Community Foundation in Santa Cruz, CA. Designing and facilitating weekend workshops for women, along with a year-long leadership program .

Senior Dean, The Snowlion Center Healing School, Trimurti, France. Teaching faculty for the senior class of a four-year healing program for adult learners. Designing and teaching curriculum in a wide range of spiritual and psychological areas needed for helping healers move to professional competence. 1998-2003.

Workshop leader and educator on sexuality issues in a spiritual context. Facilitator, Women's Sexuality, an on-going workshop and support community. Co-facilitator for nation-wide program, Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality, for couples and singles. THE BAD GIRLS and WILD WOMEN TO WISE WOMEN, workshops, Paris, France and Kisslegg, Germany 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004.

The Healers' Forum, Co-partner, designed to teach classes and workshops on a wide range of healing - related subjects, including The Chakra System, Group Work as a Spiritual Practice, Intuitive and Symbolic Healing, The Energy Defense Systems, and more. Weekly and weekend seminars. 1991 - current.

Counseling and Energetic healing practice. Including Reiki and hands-on healing. 1996 - current.

Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Graduate, June 1996.

Center for Intentional Living, Master's degree equivalent in depth psychology, completed April 2002. Taught by Dr. Alexis Johnson, Dr. Judith Schmidt and Dr. Barbara Miller. External degree program taught in 4 segments per year, covering the world of early childhood development (with an emphasis on Winnecott and the British School), as well as Erickson, Piaget, Wilbur, Almaas and others. 1999-2002

Consultant, Management of Chronic Pain and Wellness Training. Clients include psychotherapists, health professionals, community groups, and individuals dealing with pain and healing issues. Extensive public speaking. Clients included Hospice of Topeka, Stormont Vail Medical Center, Memorial Hospital, & American Cancer Society. Served as an associate presenter for public programs with Nursing Services at the Menninger Foundation. Workshops include Managing Stress, Management of Chronic Pain, Health and Wellness, Stress and Burn-Out, Visualization and Guided Imagery. 1980-82, 1990 to current.


Trainer and Presenter, Professional Women's Network, Abidjan, West Africa. Courses included: Introduction to Stress Management, Stress Management Retreat, and Public Speaking. 1988-1990.

Management Consultant, S.A.. Intercon and the Rockefeller Foundation, Abidjan. Researched, wrote and edited business plan for small American-Senegalese company. Trained marketing staff and made sales calls. Audited and reported on theatre activity in Zaire for international foundation. 1988-1990.


Publications include Massage Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, American Theatre Magazine, CALLBOARD, Health and Fitness Connection, Massage Magazine, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, and African Farmer. On-going.


Director/Educator, U.S. Information Agency. Africa. Directed program for professional theatre workers in all aspects of theatre work. Production of August Wilson's FENCES named Best Play of 1988 by Uganda Theatre Groups Association. 1986, 1988

Director, The Recovery Project, San Francisco. Co-creator and director of a health project for women in recovery from critical illness. Developed year-round program of classes created and directed a theatre production based on women's stories about healing. 1984-1988

Executive Director, Theatre Bay Area. San Francisco. Head of theatre trade association for San Francisco Bay Area, representing 3,200 members, staff of seven, 150 theaters. Fundraised one-half $400,000 annual budget; developed income-generating programs for the other half. Extensive travel and public speaking. Publisher and executive editor, CALLBOARD magazine. 1984-1988.

Actor and Director, various venues throughout California, 1971 - 1990


Educator, Dominican Hospital Patient Education Program, Chronic Pain 1990-1996
Presenter, Management of Chronic Pain, First International Congress of Women's Health Issues, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Instructor, California State University, Sacramento - theatre and women's studies

BEST OF SHOW: great life experiences

Watching elephant babies play in the water while sitting in a steel box buried in the ground.
Feeling the audience's emotion, which helped me feel my emotion after our theater piece about my friend Kathy who died of breast cancer.
Realizing that I might be happy in this lifetime.
Learning, while working in Africa, that people have more in common than I thought, despite totally different circumstances.
Having a marriage that grows and changes with someone I respect. Having friendships that grow and change. Being with my family.
Playing HEDDA


Master's degree, Theatre Arts, California State University, Sacramento
Bachelor of Arts, University of California at Santa Cruz
Certified Massage Practitioner
Third Degree Reiki Healing
Graduate, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, June 1996
Other post-graduate training:
Center for Intentional Living graduate seminars in depth psychology - three-year program
Cranial Sacral Therapy, Level 1
Spirit Releasement Therapy
Soul Retrieval
Psychosynthesis training, 2 years
Group Work fundamentals, The Concord Institute, 1 year

Publications and references available on request.