Dancing with your shadow

There is a topic often untouched in publications about conscious spiritual growth. This is the power of our shadow or lower self. The lower self likes to rubber neck in traffic jams to see the car accident. It lives inside each of us and its potent, alive, seductive, dangerous and spontaneous. Lower self-energy is a torrential river of ruthless RED energy. When suppressed, negated or unchecked it can destroy businesses, buildings and lives. It’s a creative force that when productively harnessed can build businesses, buildings, change lives, and save lives.

The lower self has a pure creative energy that rises up from the root chakra and is virtually unknown to us. Like many, I have been acculturated to negate my negativity, and for good reason. After all, it’s often destructive, ugly, unkind, selfish, greedy, lustful and angry. Yet each person in our world is fraught with it.

The lower self has only two camps, the good or the bad.

The good news about the bad lower-self energy is that it can be transmuted into art! For that to happen, the artistic needs for our lower self are:

  • expression
  • release
  • to be witnessed
  • and acknowledged.

If one of these four needs aren’t met, your lower self-energy is destructive, to yourself or others.

Let me give you an example. I was in a disagreement with a colleague about a teaching concept. As she was pointing out her different perspective she addressed me with strong challenging language. I with friendly (internal condescension) responded that we simply had a difference of opinion.

No, her concept was more evolved, my approach was inferior.

My lower self, hates not having the last word in an argument. I am proud of myself when I manage to bite my sharp witted tongue! If YOU are insistent upon having the last word, I may let you have it, but I can barely tolerate it! Of course, all this is what goes on inside me, I’ll never tell YOU.

I really wanted an acknowledgement of my perspective and because I was calmer about it (outwardly), I felt superior. (Yikes!) I was just as prideful as she!

I could have easily escalated into an argument. I could have taken my ‘righteousness’ and cancelled our project together on the grounds of not being able to work with someone so intent on asserting her teaching concepts as superior. Then I win, after all, I’m the boss and you lose, or vice versa. Okay, I’ll take the high road and ‘let’ her win. (Uggh, my ego!) Wars on built on this stuff!

When I got home I started munching on a bag of walnuts. I found myself subtly complaining to a friend about ‘her’ stubbornness.

When root chakra energy is repressed, it implodes. It eats away at us. That ‘eating away’ can look like devouring a bag of cookies though I’ve gotten clever, I disguise my cookies as a bag of organic walnuts. Who am I kidding! The tension underneath the nervous eating is the powerful energy of lower self-righteous rage!

(Okay now what?) Just do another lap around the block and breathe and sigh REALLY LOUD while walking. Only problem is, the tension doesn’t leave. I realize I must face the inevitable. I need to go back and talk to my colleague and share my authentic vulnerable feelings, the ones that live beneath the righteous complaints of my lower self.

  • Expression

“Hey, I feel hurt and scared. I think you have some really important concepts you want to share but in the way you expressed it I felt unseen and unheard. I felt discounted, and you’re important to me. I felt that you don’t regard my perspective as having value.”

She says, “That was not what I intended, Laura.”

Hmph… She didn’t give me much of an answer in return. But something happened in me after I spoke up. A tension lifted. I was able to take a deep breath.

  • Release

I took a walk around the block but this time I looked up at the sky instead of down at the ground, frowning. I noticed the day, the trees and I shook off my arms and legs and let go. Even though I didn’t get the kind of response I would have liked, I expressed what was in my heart.

  • To be witnessed

I decided I didn’t want to call my friend back to share with her the outcome of my conversation. I made God my witness instead of complaining to my friend. This was a big step of progress for me.

  • Acknowledged

When I was able to release the energy of my lower self I felt at peace. To my surprise, shortly thereafter my phone rang. She called to let me know she’d been thinking about our conversation and that it didn’t feel complete. She wanted to apologize for expressing her perspective in such an offensive manner. Unexpected acknowledgement.

I’ve worked with couples and families that can adeptly emotionally destroy each other until they learn how to dance with the energy of the shadow. It’s not worth it. It’s easy to learn how to dance with your shadow. Come dance with us at the next Essential Keys to Energy Healing class on November 5th!

Photo credit: safeintheshadow.blogspot.com.


Laura FineLaura L Fine, Lionheart Founder

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