Lionheart training supports personal and professional transformation. Lionheart offers LIVE workshops LEVEL ONE AND LEVEL TWO levels of professional certification, ONLINE courses.

About Our Professional Certifications in Energy Healing

The Awakening: Level 1. Participants who attend receive a Body Mind Balance Certificate. You attend one-four day intensive training plus one three hour follow up Integration and Graduation session. Click here to read more about the Level 1 Certificate.

The Transformation: Level 2. Upon completion, participants receive the Energy Healing Counselor Certificate. You attend five, four day weekends scheduled once every two months over the course of one year. Click here to read more about the Level 2 Certificate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you the skills you need to become a professional Energy Healing Counselor, so you can heal yourself, heal others and build a real career.

In order to achieve our mission Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing created a vessel for self-transformation–an educational program to facilitate growth toward your personal, spiritual and professional life purpose.

Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by Laura L. Fine, Lionheart Institute is a specialty school approved by the state of California to offer professional certification and continuing education training for licensed professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, social work, nursing and massage therapy.

The Founder

True to the ancient edict, “Healer, heal thyself,” our founder, Laura L. Fine has applied years of healing knowledge and experience to the challenge of managing her own personal healing crisis. Laura suffered heart failure and after receiving a new heart, wrote a riveting portrait of her healing journey in her book, Laura’s New Heart: A Holistic Healer’s Spiritual Journey Through A Heart Transplant. As well as being the Director of Lionheart Institute, Laura is an author of three other books, and holds two Masters Degrees, one in Marriage and Family Therapy, the other is a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts. Laura is a speaker, teacher and has a private practice as a Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapist in both Austin, Texas and Studio City, California.

The Origins of Lionheart

The Lionheart Institute originated in San Antonio, Texas with co-founders Laura Fine and Bunny Blair Rush. Bunny, having a passion for energy healing, organized a group of students and invited Laura to teach an energy healing workshop in her hometown of San Antonio. The students loved it, wanted more and because of their enthusiasm, Bunny and Laura started an energy healing school there in 1998. The school took off immediately and grew quickly. Inspired by this success, and following Bunny’s lead, in 2002 Laura established a second branch of Lionheart in her then hometown of Los Angeles. Over the years Lionheart has grown and transformed. Bunny Rush retired in 2009 and continues to refer students in Texas and from throughout the country to Lionheart. Lionheart established another branch in Austin, Texas in 2015.

Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing
Laura Fine: Director of Lionheart Institute Institute

Laura’s Story


Perhaps you are seeking like I was seeking…spiritually seeking, striving for awakened consciousness, wanting to understand the mysteries of healing, longing for true and lasting happiness. My quest began at the age of 22–a naive 22. I was hungry for answers to all the big questions. Why was I here, what is my soul’s journey, my life purpose? Having just graduated college, I hoisted a backpack and traveled to Europe, then Israel seeking the answers via the wonders of the world. I wanted to know where I fit, who was my tribe, where was my soulmate and how was I going to be happy.

Among many lessons, my travels taught me two important ones; that bravery and strength is relative to knowing myself and my limits, and all people have the same striving – to be happy. But, how to do it?

I shifted my search from the outer to the inner worlds. Perhaps the answers lived in the unseen realms of psychic phenomena, mysticism, healing and spiritualism. I had my first Energy Therapy session in the early 80’s. It was life altering to experience the electrical currents of “chi” running through me, to feel my heart and mind open, and to enter a transcendental state of unconditional expansive love. I never dreamed such an actuality was possible and all without drugs! I knew I had to learn this stuff.

For the next twenty years I studied, trained and sought experts in the field whose capabilities I admired. I was a workshop junkie and regularly “healer hopping.” I would stick with someone for several years until I realized how they were flawed, just like me. I was seeking perfection and yet to find it.

My prayers of desperation were finally heard. I had the great grace to meet a God realized Being. I traveled to India to learn more. I began to deeply understand what true healing is and what it isn’t, what it does and does not do. The subsequent next two decades were spent humbly absorbing true spiritual wisdom. I began to recognize the difference between the part of healing that’s in our Higher Power’s hands and what a healer can facilitate. I learned about universal spiritual principles and values, their vibrational frequencies and their basis for healing, in the Sanskrit scriptures of India. These principles now provide the foundation upon which Lionheart is built. If you are thirsty for simplicity, clarity, truth and healing, please come join us.

Warm regards,

Laura L. Fine, Founder/Director
Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing
Where Healing Happens

Laura Fine, Teaching in front of whiteboard

Laura Fine, Founder/Director of Lionheart Institute

Lionheart gives back

Lionheart is committed to giving back to others who are in need of healing and lack the means. As well as providing free monthly classes to the general public and donating healing treatments to those in need, Lionheart helps sponsor the Jagadguru Kripaulu Parishat charitable hospital in India by annualy donating a percentage of all class tuitions. The JKP charity hospital offering free services, is the only hospital within a 200 mile radius and services over a half million people. You can learn more about the hospital from this video:

Lionheart Institute Faculty and Staff

Lionheart instructors join us from all parts of the country to offer their particular area of expertise. Our teachers set the tone for trust with appropriate self-disclosure, honesty and a policy of confidentiality, creating a safe “space” for exploration, intimacy and intimate group. All senior instructors have a thriving personal practice with over 15 years professional experience.

Laura Fine, M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, H.H.P., M.A.

Laura Fine Lionheart Director

Laura has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego University of Integrative Studies and a Masters of Arts Degree from University of Miami. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and spent two years in Kabalistic Healing with The Society of Souls. Laura has trained thousands of students nationwide and practiced as an Energy Healing Therapist and teacher for over 30 years. Laura’s career has bridged the creative and healing arts having worked for twenty years professionally in the theater as a director and acting teacher in New York. She is author of 4 books including The Exceptional Actor: The Seven Step System to Charisma, Chemistry and Magnetism. Taming the Restless Mind, and an ebook course, The Exceptional Therapist, A Body/Mind Approach to Therapy. Laura is a survivor of a life threatening illness and a grateful heart transplant recipient. She has a passion for taking clients deep into the core of their being where true healing happens. Having survived a life-threatening illness, she has a passion for bridging complementary and western medicine and was part of a team that developed a research project in holistic healing for post-surgery heart transplant patients at U.C.L.A Hospital. Laura has a recognition and value of each moment of life and compassion for the struggles of the mind and heart. She shares her experiences in her fourth book,“Laura’s New Heart, A Healer’s Spiritual Journey through a Heart Transplant.” Laura can be reached at: [email protected] or 818.640.6444.

Jonathan Bessone, Director of Education

jb-profile-pic-small1 Jonathan started his path 24 years ago as a firewalker and breathworker and has been pushing the boundaries of transformational work ever since. Having trained in dozens of therapeutic modalities, Jonathan brings a rare depth and breadth of experience to his work. Jonathan taught for 10 years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, helping to train thousands of healers and also taught internationally in New Zealand, China, Taiwan and Japan. At Lionheart, he teaches in the Level 1 & Level 2 trainings, and oversees the development of the curriculum. His private practice in Tujunga, CA, focuses on awakening facilitation and supervision for healers.

Deborah Allen


Deborah Allen is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where she taught Sexuality as a Healing Tool to over 800 people. Since 1990, she has been teaching workshops on Women’s Sexuality and Sexuality and Spirituality in the U.S. and Europe. Between 1998-2003, she served as a Senior Faculty member at the Snowlion School of Healing in Trimurti, France. She has a private practice, Healer’s Forum, in Santa Cruz, California and teaches leadership training for women in both the U.S. and Europe.

Dani Antman

Dani Antman Lionheart Faculty

Dani Antman is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and served as two years as an assistant teacher. She went on to study then teach for A Society of Souls, a three year training in Kabbalistic, leading introductory workshops around the country and in Europe. Dani graduated from the Center of Intentional Living a three year course in psychology, trauma and early childhood development theories. Her next step was 7 years of spiritual direction from Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care. This deepened her knowledge of the chakra system, kundalini science and spiritual process. She is an ordained Interfaith minister through the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City. Dani has a private practice in Santa Barbara for in person and long distance healing.

Dan Buffo, M.B.A., C.M.T.

Dan Buffo Lionheart Faculty 200 series

Dan Buffo practices, coaches and supervises energy healing in Santa Cruz, California, where he has been teaching healership, high sense perception, guidance and energy work techniques since 1989. Dan is a senior faculty member of Lionheart Institute. From 1999 to 2004, he taught Energy Healing at Snowlion Center School, with campuses in Southern France, Switzerland and Croatia. Dan has completed a master’s degree equivalent in depth Psychology with the Center for Intentional Living of New York and taught with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for three years.

Lisa Lewis, BMC, EHT

Lisa Lewis Lionheart Faculty 401

Lisa believes in nurturing the connection between the mind, body and spirit to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellness. A certified Energy Healing Therapist (EHT), Lisa has four years of training including over seven hundred educational hours with the distinguished Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. She has had her own professional practice since 2009 and she now serves on the teaching staff at Lionheart. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California with a degree in Journalism and is a member of Healing Touch International.

Erin Ramos

Erin Ramos Lionheart Faculty

Erin Ramos is an energy healer, a teacher and a mother of two children. Erin considers healing work a means of bringing to the forefront the psychological and spiritual jewels that make each individual unique and unabashedly vital to Life. Erin studied with the Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Healing for five years, graduating as an Energy Healing Therapist and joined the teaching staff in 2008.  Erin has a private energy healing practice and specializes working with women who experience anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Michele Shay, E.H.C.


Michele Shay is a Tony nominated award-winning actress, director, producer, healer, certified Coach and Mind-Body Counselor of Transpersonal Energy Healing and teacher of The Energy System of Acting with Lionheart Institute. As an actress she has been called “vibrant”, “bubbly” and “mesmerizing” in her on and off-Broadway, television, film and regional theater career.  She is a member of the Actors’ Center Theater Workshop in New York City has studied NLP, Mask work, Dreamwork and has a BFA in Acting from Carnegie-Mellon University and an honorary MFA from ACT San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

Transpersonal Energy Healing is a combination of gentle hands-on touch to stimulate the chakra energy centers, with an art of inquiry dialogue between therapist and client. The process increases our awareness and inner wisdom of our essential self as body mind, and spirit, resulting in positive holistic health benefits.

If you’d like to experience Transpersonal Energy Healing sign up for one of our Essential Keys to Energy Healing two hour introductory workshop.

Is this like Acupuncture or Reiki?

There are similarities in that these systems work with the flow of chi energy. If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture you may have noticed a sensation something like an electrical current flowing along the meridian from the point the acupuncturist needled. Transpersonal Energy Healing stimulates energy flow without the use of needles. It works through hands on contact that sometimes incorporates acupressure point work, structural manipulation, or gentle movement or breath exercises to open blocked muscles groupings. Transpersonal Energy Therapy differs from Reiki in that it may incorporate when appropriate, dialoguing with the body’s innate belief systems, utilize emotional release and movement techniques to achieve a deep level of Holistic integration.

How is Lionheart different from other healing schools?

  • Many healing schools do not address the psychological beliefs, emotional patterns that are important factors that must be addressed in order to bring about real transformational growth. Lionheart places an important emphasis on both and provides in depth Energy Psychology through highly qualified teachers.
  • Most of our classes are limited in size to 30 participants and our teacher / student ratio is approximately 6 to 1.
  • We offer our program as a personal self growth and healing platform with an option for professional career training as an Energy Healing Practitioner, Counselor or Master Energy Healing Therapist.
  • Lionheart Institute teaches Energy Healing Therapists an art of body/mind counseling to facilitate the integration of emotions and to assist clients in re-formulating healthy psychological beliefs to support their movement toward a richer more balanced life.
  • Energy Healing training at Lionheart teaches students who wish to have a professional practice, how to start and manage their business. We offer guidance in all the legal, ethical, marketing, sales and financial concerns needed to make a successful living as professional Energy Healing therapists.
  • Lionheart is registered with the state of California and the training is recognized as a continuing education option for many healthcare professionals seeking to earn CE credits.

Can Energy Healing have medical benefits?

Most individuals who have experienced Transpersonal Energy Healing would respond with an enthusiastic “Yes.” Transpersonal Energy Healing often brings about a deep sense of peace and well being, effectively reducing stress and potentially yielding such benefits as lowered blood pressure and balanced brain wave patterns. Regular participation in Transpersonal Energy Healing helps to maintain the body’s energy flow, which in turn helps prevent illness as well facilitate the healing of current illness. Transpersonal Energy Healing is not a substitute for consultation or treatment with licensed medical professionals and should never be used to diagnose medical conditions. Transpersonal Energy Healing serves as an effective complement to traditional allopathic medical care.

Can you describe a typical session of Transpersonal Energy Healing?

Each session is different. Some time is spent discussing your health goals and needs. You will explore and discuss the root causes of your presenting concerns from an emotional, psychological and spiritual foundation. Your practitioner will work with you on education and re-education of the physiology on the cellular level to facilitate your healing and incorporate hands-on healing contact.