Knock Knock. Who’s There?

Knock Knock. Who’s There?

No one.

No one who?

No one who knows you. Because when you know you, there is never no one there.

Okay, if you haven’t written me off as a total flake at this point, then read on!

Let me explain…

When you know YOU, who you are, you know you are never alone. You feel the very air you are standing in, breathing along with you. And it’s not just breathing with you, the shakti (energy) in the air is full of conscious aliveness. You just don’t notice. Neither do I much of the time. But when I stop for a minute and pay attention, not only do I notice, I’m not alone, I am very much swimming in the most luscious energy of love that surrounds me and permeates me. Some people call it God, the Universe, Christ, nature, the Holy Spirit, Krishn, Buddha, Mother Mary, Hashem, Allah, Grandmother, the Divine, the One. “He/She/It, has innumerable names and forms.

Take a moment right NOW. Close your eyes at the end of this sentence, breathe deeply and pay attention! Take a Sacred Pause. This is a step toward awakening.

Over the past few months, life happened to me in a fast and furious way. I had several sudden staff changes and an unexpected financial dilemma show up out of the blue. The shock of such immediate transitions and demands were overwhelming and it impacted my health.

Now here I am – a teacher of holistic health, an Energy Healing Therapist, a top-quality professional in the field. I could do one of two things, 1) Beat myself up for it or 2) Pay attention and implement extreme self care. I chose the latter.

In one week, I got a massage, an Energy Healing, saw my chiropractor, had an Ayuvedic Oils treatment, took two full days off work, didn’t read email or answer my phone. I spent a LOT of money on myself. I didn’t tell myself I couldn’t afford it. I told myself, I couldn’t NOT afford it. And I started to turn around. My health got better, my energy level rose, my spirit calmed, my attitude became positive and my heart got lighter.

There is a tipping point. Many have felt the edge, when you can no longer afford NOT to take back your life and your health, when you are broken enough to tolerate feeling greedy and selfish, when you know you are worth spending the money it takes to take back your life.

Laura FineLaura L Fine, Lionheart Founder

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