3 Step Heart Centered Meditation


  1. Find a place where you will not be interrupted.

Sit comfortably with your spine supported. Legs can be placed with feet flat on the floor, or if you prefer, sit on the floor with legs crossed. Breathe deeply, yet relaxed. Choose a quiet place in your home, sit relaxed. Don’t try to make any particular sitting posture, just sit relaxed with your spine supported.


  1. Using your Objective Observer, shift your awareness to your Heart Center.

Bring the feeling of your ‘self’ from the brain area down to your heart. Move into a more loving or relational feeling state, guiding your mind to thoughts of someone or something you deeply love. Think of their spiritual presence in a personal form that has been eternally in relationship with your soul and that your mind has forgotten.


  1. Visualize a peaceful place using all five senses.

Staying lively within the loving feeling in your heart center, use your breath imagination to visualize a soothing loving or spiritual feeling presence in the area of your physical heart. With that ‘feeling’ of warmth in your heart consciously use deep breathing to travel in your imagination to a beautiful environment somewhere in nature where you are in communion with this eternally loving spiritual being. Engage all five of your senses in your visualization. For example, imagine that you are sitting on a river bank, feeling the pleasant coolness of the water while dangling your toes in the stream, smelling the rich fragrance of flowers wafting past, savoring the taste of pure fresh water from the stream, and hearing the sound of birds delightfully chirping, gazing at the gorgeous vision of a waterfall. Allow your thoughts and breath imagination to become deeply absorbed in this peaceful place for about ten minutes.


Start your practice with five minutes twice a day, preferably at the same time of day. After you achieve at least two weeks of consecutive daily meditation you can begin to slowly increase your practice by adding five minutes every two weeks. It is not necessary to increase the length of your practice more than twenty to thirty minutes twice per day to gain all the benefits.


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