How skeptics become believers


FEELING is BELIEVING. Your eyes may deceive you but when you FEEL your heart open and an incredible joy surge through your entire being for no logical reason, doubt disappears.


You may insist “grounding” is a buzz word but when uncontrollable shaking takes over your body just from doing a few specific movement and breathing exercises that make you feel like you have lead boots on and as a result you can FEEL the bottoms of your feet on the ground and it FEELS good; you now realize “grounded” was something you actually never felt before.


You may think chakras and auras are made up words until you FEEL an odd tingling sensation on the top of your head and you notice your mind is melting away only to open your eyes and see a glow around the heads of everyone in the room that makes you FEEL happy. When tears of gratitude roll down your face for no known reason and realize you really are not alone, not ever, not even for a moment because you FEEL the alive presence of a force of love that brings clarity answers and feelings of humbleness, you start to have faith.


When someone places their hand on your belly and you FEEL heat penetrate through the cells of your body and you fall into an altered state of relaxation, so deep that you can barely stay conscious; only to wake up and FEEL as though someone peeled off three layers of heavy overcoats you didn’t even notice you were wearing, until the weight lifted, well, FEELING is BELIEVING.


This is only the tip of the iceberg of what happens through Transpersonal Energy Healing.


But don’t believe me, hear it from Sara, a self-proclaimed skeptic, or Lisa who had no idea how Energy Healing would impact her physical, mental and emotional health.

Laura Fine, LMFT

Laura Fine, LMFT


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