Why Some Energy Healing Treatments are Effective and Others are Not – Part Three

What Is Transpersonal Energy Healing and Where Did it Originate?

Transpersonal Energy Healing is a non-invasive therapy that uses gentle touch, on or above the body, to stimulate the body’s chakra energy centers in combination with a form of verbal inquiry.

By blending a careful dialogue process between therapist and client known as the Art of Inquiry, with gentle touch vibrating at 7.8 hertz, and authentic care and compassion for the client, an unwinding of pathological stress and a state of profound relaxation can occur.


Transpersonal Energy Healing evolved as an outgrowth of multiple body/mind/chakra energy therapy trainings. It combines techniques rooted in principles developed in Core Energetics by John Pierrakos (student of Wilhelm Reich) and the five character structures of Bio-Energetics work with Alexander Lowen and Carl Jung. In addition, it incorporates Chakra Energy interpretation from the work of Rosalyn Bruyere and Barbara Brennan, and the attachment theory of relationships as presented by Diana Fosha, PhD, in Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Processing (AEDP), with humanistic psychologists such as Carl Rogers.

Transpersonal Energy Healing therapists focus on what is right with the patient, not what is wrong with them. We look at what stimulates a person’s passion for life. We approach dis-ease as an exploration toward a discovery of the patient’s essential spiritual self, their natural inner wisdom. This occurs through an art of holistic inquiry with therapist and client seated in discussion followed by moving to hands-on work (or above the body) on a massage table.


The Art of Inquiry can begin quite simply. The practitioner asks the client a series of open-ended non-judgmental questions. This inquiry creates an undefended space for exploration and the client begins to uncover layers of unconscious limiting beliefs and attachments. This process follows the client’s lead into release of both conscious and sub-conscious self-limitations. What occurs as a result is a state of deep ease, increased body/mind awareness, physical wellness and a positive outlook.


The Art of Inquiry applied in Transpersonal Energy Healing can include such questions as:


  1. What are you noticing in your body as you talk about this?
  2. What’s your breath like now?
  3. Where does that feeling live in your body?
  4. If this emotion (for example: anger) had a shape, color, texture, size, what would it look like and feel like?
  5. If that emotion had a sound, what would it sound like? If it had words, what would they be?
  6. How would you describe the sensation that lives underneath the emotion?


Traditional therapies often focus on the “story” the client brings. Transpersonal Energy Healing focuses on “how we experienced our story.” With training, psychotherapists and medical professionals can include non-physical contact when appropriate, moving their hands in and around the energy field to clear and calm the auric field (appropriately licensed professionals can include light touch) to expedite the physical and emotional healing for the client. What unfolds is a most natural way of being, relating and the creation of an unfathomable healing connection between the therapist and client.


Through this process, thinking patterns change, the chakra energy centers open and the exploration itself facilitates a positive endorphin response stimulating the client’s natural immune system response. The results speak for themselves and are astounding.


What are the benefits?


  • The relaxed state facilitates the body’s natural self-correcting healing mechanism to rebound and aid in cellular and tissue repair
  • Helps in processing emotional trauma with appropriate intimate contact
  • Decreases symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy treatments
  • Patients feel more confident and empowered to make important healthful life changes


Laura FineBy Laura L. Fine, M.F.T. degree, M.A. 

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