How I Got My Life Back

One day I felt tired. Then, every day I felt tired. As I became weaker, I had to let go of a doctoral program, then my job, and finally, my car. Many days I did not get out of bed. My doctors suspected Epstein-Barr virus or chronic fatigue syndrome, but they couldn’t offer much help nor tell me when – or whether – I would ever recover. Months were going by. I was on my own. Depression visited. I felt an urgency to help myself. This led me to alternative medicine, including energy work.


I learned to ground and charge my own system, while the healer helped with clearing life force that was too congested to be supportive. Three months into receiving regular healings, I was astonished to find myself as physically strong as before. Not only strong, but clear-thinking. And my emotional life felt more about the moment and less about the past. But most of all, I felt inspired to move forward in my life: to grow, create, and contribute to this life I came into the world to live. Energy healing had caught my attention! A year later I was a student in a healing school.


Since completing that first healing program more than 20 years ago, I have worked with clients directly in more than 6,000 sessions, supporting them through all kinds of challenging medical, mental, and emotional crisis. Over time, the techniques and skills I learned as a student evolved into the foundation of my own way of using energy to help others live the life they came to live. Best of all, I learned to use my voice as an energy work tool. When I choose, each word I speak has an effect on the client, to the degree they allow.


I have also taught and written curriculum for two energy work schools in the United States and one in Europe. I’ve met students already using a variety of healing modalities who wanted to learn energy healing or integrate what it had to offer into their own modalities. Using my voice became something I taught others, especially those who had studied the defense systems and the advanced energy healing techniques.


I am honored to offer an upcoming workshop in the LA area where I will teach you how to use your voice as an energy work tool, and other valuable techniques as well. There will be 3 days of classes on June 10, 11, and 12 spanning different levels of experience. The cost for each class is as follows: $175 on Jun 10, $200 on June 11, $225 on June 12. Get a $25 discount when you sign up for multiple days!


Tell your friends! For each person you refer who registers for a class, you will receive $50 OFF your registration.


At this workshop, you will learn tools and techniques for energy work, and discover some of the ways that energy work can support your life including how to:

– develop your ability to learn how to move through challenging life circumstances feeling more clear, present and empowered

– understand why certain people and situations trigger you and what to do about it

– discover better ways to communicate and stay connected to the people you care about

– connect more reliably with guidance

– And much more!


To register for this workshop, call or email me. Leave your contact information so I can connect with you about which class(es) would best serve the life YOU came to live.


Be well,

Dan Buffo


[email protected]

(831) 465-9297