Your deepest transformation requires claiming the success that awaits you…

When I left my successful corporate career to follow a deep & clear calling to become a professional healer, I was doey eyed!  I believed that I would go and learn how to serve as a professional healer and that would be all that was needed to have a successful career.  Just like I’d had in corporate America!


Thank goodness for my innocence.  If I had known what it would take to build my business – I may have never started.  You see, somehow I knew that I needed training to refine my natural gifts as a healer so I could build a practice. But I simply had no idea that there was a very clear and necessary marketing skill set that I was missing.


I learned the hard way.  By going broke.  By falling flat on my face.  And by facing terror within me that I had no idea was lurking beneath the surface.


I searched for the right mentor – but most of the business training out there felt manipulative or pushy.  I wanted to be myself and feel good about my marketing.


I’ve spent years learning the skills that allow me to build my practice with ease and integrity, and I’ve put them in to practice to build a successful, highly-rewarding business where I get to be myself and do what I love… wow!! The rewards have been worth the trials.


I’m thrilled to share those exact skills with you during a free one-day workshop called “How to Build Your Healing Business” happening on April 10th.  You’ll learn:

1)       A clear roadmap of what you need to do to build a successful practice so you can make a great living doing what you’re meant to do.

2)       How to enroll highly committed clients with ease & integrity

3)       A new perspective on marketing that will transform any resistance you may have to putting yourself out there in meaningful ways.

You don’t need to go broke like I did before learning how to make money. If you implement the skills I’m going to teach you, you won’t!


The good news is that the skills you’ve refined as a healer make you designed for business success.  You are not meant to go it alone.  Building a practice requires you have the right support.  I’m thrilled I can offer what I’ve learned to you!


To register for “How to Build Your Healing Business” simply email  [email protected] and say, “Reserve my space for How to Build Your Healing Business!”


I can’t wait to see you on April 10th!  Your clients are waiting for you…





Julie Migneault, MBA

Founder of Thriving Healers

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner



Register for “How to Build Your Healing Business”

email  [email protected] and say, “Reserve my space for How to Build Your Healing Business!”